things I miss…

things I miss… February 6, 2012

… Rome and winter.

Reuters, Alessandro Bianchi

Reuters, Alessandro Bianchi

Reuters, Alessandro Bianchi

Vatican Web Cam.

Here’s some more.

When I was there last April & the first week of May the Romans were bundled in puffy ski coats and scarves for temperatures in the 50’s. I imagine this is hellish for them to endure. But it sure is pretty.

Meanwhile, here in North Carolina, my Bradford Pear trees and daffodils have already started to bloom. I’ll have to start mowing the yard shortly. All this premature spring is going to make it hard to stay properly morose for Lent.

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  • Suzanne Rutherford

    i soooooooooo want to go to there…

  • Benjamin Malec

    Are the nuns from the Monastic Fraternity of Jerusalem? =] 

  • Lydiamcgrew

    In Newman’s collected letters he reports from his first visit to Rome that the American Indians would send several young men to Rome to train (for the priesthood, I assume). They made sure to send several because some were expected to die, and I gather this did in fact happen regularly enough to justify the assumption, allegedly as a result of the cold weather in Rome. 

  • Emkay

    Here in Maryland, we had a large, beautiful Bradford Pear tree that slowly split into thirds.  The first portion fell across our road and blocked it; the second blocked our driveway when it fell years later; and the third we had removed by a tree surgeon.  Shortly thereafter, I saw a county workman taking a chainsaw to a Bradford in full, glorious bloom in front of the county library.  When I asked him why, he said that it was preventive maintenance: these trees grow fast and have soft wood, which means they get top heavy and split easily.  Nevertheless, we went to a nursery to replace our Bradford, only to be told that the tree has been designated an invasive species and thus may no longer be sold here.

  • Angela Pea

    All this premature spring is going to make it hard to stay properly morose for Lent”
    I know what you mean.  Peach trees and rose bushes are budding here in Texas, we mowed last weekend, and weeds in the lower forty are knee high.