Cooking with The Crescat…

Cooking with The Crescat… March 5, 2012

… Dinner this evening was going to be roast lemon chicken with a rosemary rub and a side of couscous. Sounds so deliciously nutritious doesn’t it?

That dinner is not what happened at all. Instead, I put the chicken in the oven and forgot to turn it on and put the pot of water on the stove to boil and forgot to add the couscous. I didn’t realize what I’d done till all the water boiled out of the pot and I smelled burning metal.

“Now what I am going to do”, I asked. My son, trained for disaster readiness, had in one hand a box of cereal and the other a take-out menu to the Chinese restaurant where we are on a first name basis with the delivery driver.

Nope… this is what happened instead

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  • mlenz9

    Chicken is always good the next day.  And pots aren’t THAT expensive…

  • Suzanne Rutherford

    I once put a breakfast pizza (you know, the breakfast of champions) in the toaster oven and in my haste to get to work I forgot about it.  I came home to something that resembled a hockey puck (nay, a charcoal briquette) and a melted toaster oven handle.  Luckily, I got the model with an automatic shutoff.  I only eat cereal for breakfast now, much to my husband’s -and our insurance agent’s- relief.