what was that I said…

what was that I said… March 8, 2012

… Oh, I remember. That I was right in supporting Fr. Marcel Guarnizo’s decision to deny the lesbian Buddhist “devout Catholic” communion at her mother’s funeral. I accurately called this nothing more than a blatant publicity stunt to try and paint the Church as evil gay haters.

Turns out Barbara Johnson is an activist who shamelessly used her mother’s funeral to promote her agenda. Nope. Didn’t see that one coming. Will the media retract it’s original story or at least give these new revelations the same publicity it gave to the first reporting? I didn’t think so either.

It’s a burden always being right.

I too can often be seen ripping my hair out.

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  • robertgwirth

    Somewhere else I saw an article that the radicals of the 60s are now in positions of power and influence.  I knew that 20+ years ag0.  In 1978 I wrote an article called “The Sorry Aftermath of the Sexual Revolution” which didn’t get much audience either.

    • Anonymous

       Is your article still available?

  • Mary

     I supported Fr. Marcel Guarnizo’s decision.  I think it’s a disgrace what he has been  through including being vilified by the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C.

    • Not a disgrace, an honor.  Persecution is the normal response to virtue.

      Matt. 5:10 “Blessed  are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

      This is mild.   It is just starting in the USA.  It is much worse in other parts of the world.

  • And then people wonder why it’s hard to get good, faithful men to answer the call to the priesthood?  Why would they, when doing what is right is going to  get them an unjust reprimand and, frankly, a toss under the wheels of the P.C. bus?

    I’m guessing, although I can’t tell, that Ms. Johnson probably had…issues with her mother’s religion, so saw nothing disrespectful in turning her funeral Mass into a political opportunity.

    Shameful.  And I’m so sick of the media being willing, eager participants in this smearing of our faith. 

    The last acceptable prejudice, indeed.

  • Seraphic

    Days ago, I thought about writing a post called “What Kind of Woman Uses Her Own Mother’s Funeral to Embarrass Her Church?” but I thought it might be premature. Thanks for the update. I thought the whole “This is my LOV-AH” story suggested strong provocation of an innocent priest.

  • I said the same thing from the beginning.  Amazing what happens when some investigating is done and more than one side of the story comes out.

    • Anonymous

      On May 1st, May day, Satan assigns to those world leaders that which he hopes to accomplish during the following year.

      Many Catholics already knew this was a trick of the Devil as well he knew the Bishop that is in the Priesthood of Judas would punish the good Padre for his Faithfulness.

      Prayers and penances are all that save Cardinals, Bishops, and Priests from their own stupidity.

      Pray for the Holy Father, his Priests, Nuns, and Religious.

      The Bishop in my Diocese just had a Mexican Bishop appear on Univision, and roll down the front of his Bishop’s cassock, exposing his undershirt, while stating “Be sure to get your Flu shot”


      A perfect word to describe the actions of some Bishops.

      Not to just complain without giving a solution, here is a Bishop ‘Bishing’:




      at the 24:00 mark on this one he speaks of our relationship with Hell.

      There is a good reason this Bishop is hated worldwide.

      These videos are a good example of why that is so.


  • tj.nelson

    I knew it.

  • Jen3291

    Does “radicals from the 60’s” include the bishops, ’cause it looks like Father has been put on administrative leave and his priestly faculties removed. Unbelievable.

  • marcosandolini333

    Women have more testicular fortitude than most men.

    Even when completely wrong, this girl pushed her ‘Truth’ as far as she could take it.

    Most Catholyk Men turn pale, pick their manties up and go running away fast when Truth appears before them….

    At least she had some b**lls.

    Pray for those in error.