“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means”

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means” March 23, 2012

Apparently my repeated use of the more accurate term, pro-abortion advocate, bothers those who prefer to call themselves “pro-choice”.

I’m not sure why. Maybe because it calls attention to the very plain and simple fact that you do indeed advocate abortion. That is the “choice” you are referring to when you label yourself pro-choice. So what is the problem? Is the truth too unpalatable?

OOoooo … I see, you advocate other choices besides abortion.

Well, Ok. That’s fine. So do I. I advocate all kinds of choices like adoption, Natural Family Planning, abstinence, and not murdering your child. Those are all legitimate choices so technically I can refer to myself as pro-choice. Ta-da. Now, I am pro-choice!

Look, if you advocate abortion as a choice, even one of many, than you do indeed advocate abortion so a pro-abortion advocate you are.

I fail to see what all the knicker twisting is about. Personally I am fed up with pro-abortion advocates trying to distance themselves from their own murderous agenda through semantic tap dancing. If you advocate abortion you will be called what you are by me on this blog at every mentioning. Arguing otherwise is pointless and will not change or redefine your stance on life issues.

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  • Agcoletta

    Actually that is the correct term per the AP Styleguide. Several years ago they replaced “pro choice” with “pro abortion” and “pro life” with “anti abortion.” So you are journalistically correct.

    • kenneth

      AP did no such thing. They favor the terms “anti-abortion” and “abortion rights advocate.”

      • I’ve heard anti-choice too.  *eye roll* 

        • kenneth

          People come up with all sorts of terms to try to spin the debate one way or the other. AP, and most news organizations at least do try to come up with reasonably neutral terms in a debate that has no neutral ground.

      • Kit15

         She is right about how that is what the physical book says (at least as of 2005 it did).  But that was one term that always got me because you are also right…”pro-abortion” is never used without some kind of additional padding to soften the blow i.e. “pro-abortion rights”

  • Richard Rychetsky

    Let’s see.  Here are some things I can choose to do tonight with my spare time:

    1) Read a book.
    2) Watch a movie.
    3) Play cards.
    4) Go murder someone.
    5) Balance my checkbook.

    All choices I have to consider.

  • “I advocate all kinds of choices like adoption, Natural Family Planning,
    abstinence, and not murdering your child. Those are all legitimate
    choices so technically I can refer to myself as pro-choice.”

    Yes!  I’ve been saying this for years.  Just because there is one particular choice that is morally reprehensible which I do not support, somehow I am against ALL choices?  The terms are lame.  Pro-abortion advocate is about as accurate and honest as it gets. 

    • Jake

      I also support sex education, contraceptives, and gays being allowed to adopt. The former two are much more effective at lowering the abortion rate than natural family planning and abstinence only education.

  • Sgt. Pepper’s Bleeding Heart

    Similarly, I don’t think anyone should get away with calling themselves “pro-life” unless they take an abolitionist stance on the death penalty.

  • D Laviano

    Amen to that!

  • I can’t believe you used “murderous agenda” and “semantic tap dancing” in the same sentence.

    • Wombat

       It’s called irony.

      • Wombat

         [although I don’t know if the OP used it so intentionally]

  • Just passing through…

    Did you ever consider that those of us who are pro-choice aren’t actually pro-abortion, but consider the right to have an important goal as well? I am pro choice and would love nothing more than for no one ever to need an abortion again. I am not “for” abortion, ergo not “pro-abortion.” But I do in fact believe in a woman’s right to choose. Plain and simple. I know you don’t think that’s a legitimate right, but if you actually were confused as to why we prefer pro-choice, maybe you could consider that (all snarky, sarcastic comments below aside).

  • Guest

    We call ourselves pro-choice because we advocate a woman’s right to choose ANYTHING she wants regarding her own body. It doesn’t just mean pro-abortion.  I know many people who support the right to choose, but wouldn’t choose an abortion for themselves.  People that are pro-choice don’t think everyone should have an abortion. They are not advocating abortion. They simply believe in the right to choose. 

    Also, you are not pro-choice if you don’t think that a woman should be able to choose whether or not she wants to keep something inside of her own body. You’re just not. Get over it. It’s pro-CHOICE not pro-abortion. I don’t see why people don’t get that. You calling it pro-abortion is simply sensationalist writing attempting to play on people’s emotions. It doesn’t actually mean anything. It bothers people when you say pro-abortion because it’s not true. It’s not really that hard to figure out.  I don’t want to say “duh” but come on!    It’s beyond obvious why someone would be upset about that. 

  • Jake

    I’ll accept being pro-abortion, but you are now to be called pro-birth. Given the following: you do not support responsible sex education to make informed decisions. you do not support public education for said child. you do not support helping the parents feed, clothe, or provide any quality of life for said child. You think that pregnancy from rape is a blessing. You do not support gays in their right to adopt.

    You are a hypocrite. You do not support life, you only support birth.