In Your Face Tactics Are Counterproductive…

In Your Face Tactics Are Counterproductive… August 3, 2012

… Today is the big Chick-Fil-A Kiss-In that’s being staged by homosexual same-sex ‘marriage’ advocates in response to Wednesday’s wildly popluar nationwide day of support, Chick-Fil-A Appreciate Day.

Look, in your face public display’s of lewdness is exactly not how to make people accept your lifestyle. It’s pervy and gross. I can assure you the absolute last thing I want to see while I am eating a meal is two adults making out; gay or straight. It’s inappropriate behavior to display in public. It just is. Turning people’s stomachs while eating a meal is counterproductive to the gays’ cries of tolerance and acceptance. If anything, it only reinforces the idea that homosexuals are disordered… because ordered people have filters and can control their sexual impulses in public.

Forcing people to gaze upon your open mouthed kisses in the middle of a fast food restaurant is the number one way to win public approval, said no one ever. I just fail to see how this pathetic attempt does anything to reinforce the dignity of someone living with same-sex attractions.

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