When everything is awesome, nothing is…

When everything is awesome, nothing is… August 14, 2012

… Few things are considered awe inspiring yet it seems everything is “awesome”. When “awesome” is used to describe the most mundane of things in everyday speech the word loses meaning; I had an awesome burrito for dinner last night versus the awesome power of God. To be struck with awe is to have a reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder. When we say everything is awesome that means nothing really is. You know, like when everyone is considered “special”.

Paganini’s 24 Caprices are awesome. The Sistine Chapel is awesome.

The night sky is awesome. The star filled night sky, not the blotted out sky you see from cities and most suburbs. I wonder sometimes if man’s inability to be awed is due in large to the missing night sky. Where have the heavens gone?

Taurid Meteor Shower over Yellowstone – National Geographic

When I hear biblical analogies of light and darkness I try to recall the total darkness felt before the advent of electricity. How much more profound those analogies were compared to now where we can vanquish the dark with the flip of a switch and blot out the sky. Nothing makes us feel smaller than being isolated in the vastness of night under an infinite canopy of stars that stretch forever.

Milky Way over Moab, Utah

Anyway, don’t mind me. I’m just rambling and feeling melancholic.

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