Weekly Random Roman Roundup…

Weekly Random Roman Roundup… June 10, 2015

… Catholic things that end up in my media feed.

Padre Pio + tonsures = Catholic bad assery


St. Ann’s Catholic Church in Charlotte has a beautiful new mural.



those abs tho

Tu etiam levare, fra?

I kid. I kid. I can’t wait to see the mural installed. St Ann is easily the most beautiful church in the area. But don’t get too attached the six pack, ladies. I have it on good authority that St. John the Baptist will be covered so as not to intimidate the physically inferior.

put away the guns

Polish President, Andrej Duda, saves a Host during mass.


TAC Student Put In The Stocks After Admitting She Did Not Enjoy Reading Kristin Lavransdatter.

And this nun.

nun gazing

That is all. Carry on.

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