Die, Gosnell! Die!

Die, Gosnell! Die! May 15, 2013

… If there was ever a human being deserving of the death penalty it is Kermit Gosnell. A death sentence would be justice served. Does this mean I’m a big ole pro-life hypocrite and think only the babies are worth saving? No. It means I believe in fitting punishments for the severity of the crime. Gosnell murdered babies in the most gruesome manner imaginable. He kept their severed feet as trophies. For that I believe the death penalty is a just punishment.

Now I like Abby Johnson well enough. She’s a heroic champion of the pro-life movement. We also have quite a lot in common; however, that doesn’t mean I have to agree with everything she says. And in this particular instance I don’t completely agree with her.

She doesn’t want Kermit Gosnell to receive the death penalty because it feels too unmerciful and hateful. Contrary to her opinion, my desire for the death penalty does not mean I hate the man or would celebrate his death, and most certainly doesn’t imply that I want him to roast in hell either. It simply means I believe in justice.

Also, a death sentence is not a Hell sentence. As a converted Catholic she should be aware of this. The Church has traditionally recognized the rights of the state to impose capital punishments. Also receiving these just punishments can be redemptive and efficacious to their final judgement. Why I dare say the death penalty would actually be a mercy for Gosnell. It sure as heck beats a sudden unprovided death.

See, it’s not like the olden days where the convicted were marched off in chains to the gallows shortly after the sentence was given. Inmates wait on death row for an average of 17 years. That’s a loooong time to think about their crimes and seek forgiveness.

Personally, I would like to see Kermit Gosnell convert, repent, and seek the sacrament of reconciliation before he dies– as I would of any sinner. Hell is forever and we should never rejoice in a soul tormenting there. We can pray for him and we can also be satisfied with a sentence of capital punishment without being bad Catholics. The two are not mutually exclusive.

The rest of her article, while good, is all personal anecdote and feelings. Neither of which trump justice being justly served.

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