The Vatican’s “Gay Lobby”…

The Vatican’s “Gay Lobby”… June 13, 2013

… What a hullabaloo! I believe the issue is little more than a matter of translation, dahlink. Nothing to get worked up about.

Vatican’s gay lobby…

VATICAN–Being interviewed via Skype hours ago, Spokesman for the Vatican Press Office Monsignor Bernard Hopkins clarified recent remarks made to a Latin American Church group by Pope Francis admitting the existence of a ”gay lobby” in the Vatican. ”It is true what the Holy Father said about there being a gay lobby in the Vatican, but it is not as many have speculated,” Hopkins told Eye of the Tiber from inside the site of the gay lobby in question. “The Holy Father was literally complaining about the posh, overly-decorated, overly-flamboyant lobby located at the southwest entrance of the Vatican where we meet many foreign dignitaries… [read more]

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