There is Never a Good Reason For Liturgical Dance…

There is Never a Good Reason For Liturgical Dance… August 8, 2013

… I loathe liturgical dance with the white hot passion of a thousand burning heretics. I don’t understand it’s purpose other than to keep the makers of spandex unitards in business. Even more baffling is why liturgical dance has to be performed inside a Church, a sacred space. Or even worse, during the liturgy itself.

I suppose if the performers did their jigs, more appropriately, in a dance hall then it couldn’t technically be called liturgical dance, now could it?

But that begs the question… if the only thing making the dance number spiritual is the location and not the performance itself than how exactly is the spectacle supposed to religiously edifying? It would seem logical than to assume that just being inside a Church itself would be enough of a spiritual experience, making all that dance-y dance just empty theatrics. But that’s just crazy talk. A church, all by it’s lonesome, devoid of all that “active participation” can’t possible be spiritually uplifting.

“The Redemption of Bathsheba – “A collection of dances that evoke the spirits of the Bible’s most intriguing women.” – Saint John Chrysostom Byzantine Catholic Church, Pittsburgh, PA.”

Yeah …. Because that ginormous icon of our Blessed Mother isn’t doing enough to evoke the spirit. I need a writhing women splayed out across the sanctuary floor to tap into my feminine sense of intrigue.

Please people. Just say “No” to liturgical dance.

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