Crescat and The Neon Halos…

Crescat and The Neon Halos… September 26, 2013

… Most Catholics I know have extremely good taste for aesthetics. Their preferences are typically high brow, bordering on snobbery. That’s because we know beauty. But secretly, we do love our kitsch. We heart it with the fierce affection a parent has for their children’s scribbles. Or maybe that’s just the boricua in me talking. Because I love me some bathtub Madonnas, statues with human hair wigs, and neon halos.

Especially neon halos.

Blessed Virgin Mary at St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church, Wichita, Kansas


One of these days I am gonna get a big bathtub Maddona, put in Her the front yard, and illuminate Her with one of those spinning color wheel lights.

On a side note; Fr. Erik noted Neon Halos would make an excellent band name should I ever decided to revive the old punk band.

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