Santa Claus versus St. Nick…

Santa Claus versus St. Nick… December 6, 2014

… Every now and again I hear someone refer to Santa Claus as St. Nick.

Santa and St. Nick are two very different individuals. Here, let me help you distinguish between the two.

santa st nick

St. Nick aka St. Nicholas of Myra

1) An actual real live person
2) Celebrated and recognized saint in Catholicism and Orthodoxy
3) Known for kicking ass and taking names


4) Actually gave to the poor
5) Imprisoned for his faith

Santa Claus

1) Totally fictional character of dubious pagan and *gasp* Protestant origin that never existed and reportedly watches children sleep, has an eating disorder, and runs a labor factory filled with midget slaves.


To reiterate, one is a real …


The other, is not.


Today is the feast day of the very real St. Nicholas. To honor his memory you can — give to the poor, pray for the virtue of young women, visit the imprisoned, and slap a heretic.

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