Yeah, That Got Tiresome Real Quick — where I just give up and let them think I worship Satan…

Yeah, That Got Tiresome Real Quick — where I just give up and let them think I worship Satan… October 30, 2013

Man, I love Halloween. I love everything about it. I pity the poor child whose parents keep them from participating in the revelry. Living in the Bible belt, you’re bound to run into them — the “we don’t do Halloween” types. Bless their hearts. More candy for me.

Every year about this time, I would undertake the great Halloween Crusade explaining and explaining again that Halloween ≠ Devil Worship. This year, I gave all that up … as evident from this recent phone call.

Typical Kat: [answering phone] Hello.
Typical Evangelical: Hi, Kat. I got your voice mail and I just wanted to call you back. Thank you for inviting our kids to trick-or-treat with your son, but I’m gonna have to pass. Halloween isn’t something we’re into over here.
Typical Kat: Ok. Thanks for calling me back. I think I remember you saying that last year but I wasn’t entirely sure, so I wanted to call and check with you first.
Typical Evangelical: I appreciate that. Yes, we don’t celebrate Satan at our house.
Typical Kat: Oh, well gee. Cause we worship him here!

Halloween and Christianity are not incompatible, m’kay.

Oh, wait. Never mind.

WARSAW, POLAND A Polish archbishop has cautioned that Halloween celebrations violate church teaching and urged Catholics not to take part “even in playful form.”

“This is a fundamentally anti-Christian festival,” said Archbishop Marek Jedraszewski of Lodz. “Parents and teachers should protect youngsters against its images of terror and dread, especially when many already associate it with the cult of Satan.”

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