What does it all mean…

What does it all mean… January 7, 2014

… I’ve had some crazy vivid dreams before but this one takes the cake. Let me see if I can accurately articulate the oddness of it all…

So there I was, sitting in some burger joint. I want to say it was a Five Guys. I was having dinner with a group of friends when suddenly in walks Pope Francis. Very discreetly he sits down at a table by himself and starts to eat a hamburger. All my friends started whispering excitedly and finally dare me to go over and talk to him. Pope Francis invited me to sit down and we enjoyed our meal together. I remember him being jovial and very casual. I told him I was going to Rome for the canonization and he suddenly beamed like a child, took my face in his hands and said I must look him up when I am in Rome. Then he leaned in real close and whispered something in my ear. He was careful to point out the words were highly important and stressed I should never forget them.

I remember being very puzzled by his words and started to ask for clarification when suddenly the media burst through the doors and the place erupted into a frenzy of reporters and photographers. Pope Francis was whisked away by his security and I caught one final glimpse of him as he turned around to wave goodbye.

Then I woke up. I still don’t know what the heck was so doggone important.

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