Don’t want your photo to end up as the “before” picture in an online diet ad, don’t post your photo online to begin with…

Don’t want your photo to end up as the “before” picture in an online diet ad, don’t post your photo online to begin with… March 12, 2014

… What did I just say about nothing being private on online?

So this blogger posts a picture of herself in a bikini and, horror among horrors, her image is taken and used for a dieting advertisement. As the before photo. Yes, it’s highly insulting and ego bruising, but I am perplexed by her shock and outrage.

Kudos to her for rocking a bikini in public and writing about it to help fat women with body issues. Her heart’s in the right place. Not sure where her mind was though.

“It made me feel exposed and not in control of my own image,” Cateyes tells Yahoo Shine.

Yes. That is exactly what happens every time you share an image online. You lose control over it.

Please let this be a lesson, ladies.

On another note, I followed the link to her blog and I’m digging her spunk and rock-a-billy style. She writes poignantly about dealing with body issues and how painful it is to struggle with weight. That I get. But as a fat girl myself, I’m not big into the whole Fat Pride scene. I find the whole idea strange and curious. Mostly because I refuse to accept myself at my current weight.

I can still love myself without being proud of my fat.

I also don’t get devoting an entire blog to writing about how women are so much more than their body shape and that size doesn’t matter, while being so intensely focused on the one thing you don’t want people to make a big deal of.

Doesn’t that sort of defeat your purpose?

I’m fat. But I don’t write about being fat. all. the. time. Because being fat isn’t all who I am. I see what she’s trying to do and I applaud her for it. But I think the best way to deal with fat stereotypes is to just be a nice, happy fat person to whomever you meet. People assume fat people are lazy and miserable, so show them otherwise.

But eh. That’s just me.

Obligatory Disclaimer Stuff: If you do visit her blog know that it’s got some profanity and a nude picture of her on her About Page.

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