A Christmas Tradition is born out of Shopping Rage …

A Christmas Tradition is born out of Shopping Rage … November 28, 2014

… In 2002 a Christmas tradition was born. It all started one evening in a Target store.

There I was, a new mom anticipating her first Christmas with a new born son, a son who was due to arrive any day now.

Bedridden for the past couple of months due to pregnancy complications, I was in a joyfully festive mood and happy to be out of the house. I remember it wasn’t a crazy Black Friday kind of day, just a normal December weekend. The second weekend of December to be exact.

And that’s when it happened. The beginning of a tradition.

As my hand reached for a plushy stuffed Christmas bear a woman slammed her shopping cart into my very visibly eight month pregnant belly and hissed, “Move! I saw it first.”

And from that moment since, I’ve never set foot in a mall or shop after Thanksgiving. In fact, every year, sometime in August, I start all my Christmas shopping online. By this time of the year most, if not all, of my shopping is done. Which leaves me to enjoy myself with my family.

That hissing, nasty bitch, bless her heart, actually did me a favor. Wherever she is now, I hope she’s enjoying her holiday season …

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