Midnight Mass. NO!

Midnight Mass. NO! December 25, 2014

… I am just gonna go ahead and say this, but I was actually kind of glad my son was getting over the flu and still feeling too icky to go to midnight mass this Christmas. I got to bed last night at a respectable 11:45 pm on Christmas Eve for the first time in a decade. Typically I don’t make it to bed before 3:00 am.

I know midnight mass is a long standing and lovely tradition of the Church that all good and pious Catholics manage to adore. Good and pious Catholics being key.

This is me here.

For me, midnight mass is the too-over-crowded-can’t-find-a-parking-space-get-to-church-two-hours-early-and-camp-out-in-a-pew-that’s-packed-tighter-than-economy-class-or-else-you-stand-for-the-entire-mass mass.

midnight mass

Even if I didn’t have to be up at 5 am and work that day, I doubt I would still go. It’s just so physically exhausting and leaves me too tired to cook and function Christmas day.


You know, every one makes fun of the “C & E” (Christmas & Easter) Catholics this time of year, but I honestly can’t see a lukewarm Catholic who only cares about their faith twice a year going through all that trouble. It takes a serious champ to make it through midnight mass. A real hardcore Catholic.

No, I think the “C & E” Catholics probably spent the night much like I spent mine…


See how happy I look.

Merry Christmas. And thank you, Baby Jesus, for comfy beds and multiple mass times for bums like me.

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