Dirty Whores

Dirty Whores January 10, 2015

… Everybody on Patheos is talking about sex, or more specifically abstinence only education. Does it work or doesn’t it? Some think it’s silly to expect teenagers not to have sex – rochas quote- but I think it’s perfectly acceptable to say to my son “I EXPECT you not to have sex until you are married”. Not all this “till you are in loooooove” junk. Kids juiced up hormones can’t properly distinguish between self sacrificing love and a hole in the ground. And most certainly not, “When you think you’re ready” garbage either.

Back to abstinence only education. When I was in high school we got a bizarre mixture of abstinence only and safe sex education. Don’t have sex; having pre-marital sex makes you slutty and nice boys don’t marry sluts. But if you decide to be a whore at least be a smart whore about it and use protection. It was all very schizophrenic.

The abstinence aspect of the sex education program involved a lot of analogies about chewed up gum and filthy water.
The safe sex education was mainly focues dIn one breath we were told it’s best not to sully our purity and the next breath we were shown how to properly put a condom on a banana. So which was it… are we smart or are we slutty?

Well, considering the failure rate of artifical birth control compared to teh succes rate of keeping it in your pants, I’d say giving handfuls of condoms to lusty teenagers is probably not the smartest of things.

I suppose that just leaves slutty. But saying this is demeaning apparently to young girls who may have already had sex. What about their poor psyche? How can they ever redeem or correct their behavior if we call them wads of already been chewed gum?

If they feel like they are already ruined where is there motivation to stop the cycle of promiscuity?

Is abortion murder or not? If it is than those who participate in the act of guilty of the sin of murder. Right? So how is it any different to say “Hey

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