Where I Rant About Kid’s Organized Sports…

Where I Rant About Kid’s Organized Sports… January 10, 2015

… “It’s all about having fun” is not an excuse for a coach to shirk teaching kid’s the fundamentals of a sport. Kid’s aren’t having fun if they always lose. The only people that say losing doesn’t matter are the losers. And if the bases are loaded, you don’t tell kids that the play is on first… and expect me not to stand up and shout otherwise. I mean c’mon. And if your kid is in the outfield and lets the ball roll right by him without making an effort to catch it I am gonna yell at him to get the ball. And if my son hits a home run and the coach tells him to stop at third while the other team is still scrambling for the ball I’m gonna lose my shit a little bit. And I’m not gonna clap and cheer for every kid at bat, just the kids on my son’s team. Unless the opposing team’s kid gets hit in the high with the ball and walks it off like a man, that I’ll clap for.

Oh, and did you know they don’t sell beer in the concessions at Little League. When I asked for a beer the vendor gave me a snotty look and said “We don’t sell alcohol. This is Little League“. Can you imagine… baseball without beer

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