PS – I also totally hate you with the fires of thousand burning heretics…

PS – I also totally hate you with the fires of thousand burning heretics… August 31, 2015

… vent-y rant rant.

*Warning – Grown up language*

I’ve had my Jeep less than four months and I’ve already been rear-ended. It was a perfectly minor accident (thanks be to God) and also completely unavoidable.

I was sitting in traffic and watched this dude in the car behind me text and drive for the last 5 miles. I just knew the selfish (yes selfish, because that is what you are when you text and drive) little dip shit was going to hit me. And I was right.

Listen, if you text and drive at all… fuck you.

I don’t care if you’re sitting at a red light or in stop and go traffic… fuck you.

If your vehicle is on and you are on the road, then you are in the act of driving. If you pick up your phone to tweet, text, periscope, or whatever the hell it is that selfish people do behind the wheel than you not only are endangering your own life but everyone around you.

Do you realize your stupidity causes fender benders which in turn causes hours and miles of traffic jams, which in turn makes people late for work, which in turn can cause them to get fired. People who weren’t even involved in your wholly preventable act of dumb-fuckery are effected by your inconsiderate actions because we are forced to share the road with you.

You are the reason my car insurance is so damned high. You are the reason traffic is unbearable. You are the reason behind thousands upon thousands of totally avoidable accidents, losses of life, and crippling disabilities.

And now you’re the reason I have to go to confession for wishing a pox on your family and imagining you in the deepest circle of hell.

Only selfish fucktards text and drive. Let’s make that a bumper sticker they give out at the DMV.

/end rant

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