Benedicta Chant CD Cures Road Rage…

Benedicta Chant CD Cures Road Rage… October 5, 2015

… Have you purchased or downloaded Benedicta, Marian chant from the monks of Norcia yet? No? What, you don’t like church bells and heavenly chant?

I love that the CD opens up with the deep resonating peal of church bells, the Catholic call to prayer. That’s what Benedicta is, a call to prayer. I listen to it most mornings during my daily commute. It helps with the stress and the road rage to have something calming and holy to focus on. I’m hestitant to call it music or mediatation, even though it’s lovely to listen to and quite soothing. While it is all those things, primarily it is prayer.

We can choose all types of entertainment that influence us – music, movies, television shows – why not choose something sacred?

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Christmas is just right around the corner.

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