The Novena for Peace Begins Today

The Novena for Peace Begins Today August 20, 2016
Copyright Mark Gordon
Copyright Mark Gordon

Eighty-one days of prayer for justice, peace, and racial reconciliation in the United States. We begin today and end on November 8, Election Day, which also happens to be the birthday of our patron, the Servant of God Dorothy Day.

Please consider joining us at any point along the way. This isn’t magic. We’re not “multiplying words as the heathen do” (Matthew 6:7). We are Christians lifting our hearts and minds to God in lamentation, supplication, praise, and thanksgiving on behalf of our troubled, divided land. Whether you participate for all 81 days, or nine days, or one day, what counts is prayer! Each novena includes general and particular intentions, introductory prayers, three readings, a reflection, a Marian prayer, a suggested Work of Mercy, and brief portraits of “models of the Faith.”

Novena One: For an End to the Injustice of Poverty

General Intentions: For an end to the injustice of poverty. For the conversion of the rich and powerful. For a just and equitable distribution of the world’s goods.

Particular Intentions: For those people known to us who are experiencing poverty, unemployment, and underemployment. For healing of our own attitudes toward the poor and destitute. For those who work tirelessly on behalf of the poor, both in our own communities and around the world


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