The E Factor with Adam C Hall

The E Factor with Adam C Hall June 25, 2013

Balancing the Mind, Body, and Spirit (MBS), has long been advocated as a practice. For many of us, it’s a mere concept. For 42 years of my life, MBS was nothing more than a slogan I saw in advertisements. Suddenly it dawned on me that through diet, exercise, and meditation, I could possibly find a balance in life. During the past ten years, as I have developed a more consistent practice of MBS, I realized that in order to achieve real balance, I needed to experience something more than just MBS. Something vital was missing. The missing link was the  E factor.

My practice began to manifest results when I grounded it with the Earth, the E Factor. Connecting with the natural world has become an equally important aspect to my daily practice of balancing MBS. In nature, everything works harmoniously. She, Mother Nature, has a magical quality. She is able to receive the heavy energies such as,  feelings of guilt or sadness. In releasing those negative energies, I suddenly became lighter. My Mind, Body, and Spirit began to find a consistent balance. Life has become synchronized and aligned with my natural state of grace. Though not always easy, by adding the E factor into the mix, the practice of MBS has changed my life forever.

How have you incorporated your daily dose of earth into your life?

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