Un-Developing Imbalance with Adam C. Hall

Un-Developing Imbalance with Adam C. Hall June 27, 2013

Have you been tipping the scales of life lately? Do your often feel out of balance?

Imbalance occurs in all facets of life. It could be your weight, or an imbalance in your emotional physical state of being, or chemical, financial, love life, and so on. Sadly,for many residents on our abundant planet, there is a steep imbalance in the basics such as, food, water and shelter.  When balanced, Body, Mind, Spirit and Earth, are all working cohesively to support your hearts truest desire.  When I refer to Earth, I mean the relationship one has with the natural world, the inner and outer environment. The state of balance is a form of art and each of us is the artist, the creator of our consciousness. Each of us has the ability to create a life that is in balance. How can you consistently find balance in a world of imbalance?


Imagine you are a scale. Your scale rocks back and forth and occasionally finds equilibrium. When it’s balanced you feel a sense of peace and joy. Life brings a smile to your face. This is a state of living life to the fullest. Whereas imbalance is a life of conflict, chaos, pain, suffering and the killer, stress.


Imagine you have four equally weighted weights. Those weights are, Body, Mind, Spirit and Earth. On the left side of the scale you can place the Body and Mind weights and on the right side of the scale you can place the Spirit and Earth weights. For much of my life I lived solely a life of body and mind. I was always in a state of imbalance and seeking balance. It was exhausting! I had no awareness of the existence of the  Spirit and Earth weights.


The imbalance, which favored Body and Mind, manifested in the excesses of food, alcohol, sex, money and belongings. I became quite “successful” at developing and obtaining those things in life that tipped the scales in favor of body and mind. Finally, I had to face the fact that I was unhappy. There must be more to life? When I sat on the beach, hiked in nature, or skied down the mountain, an awareness developed of the spiritual and earthly aspects of being. When I began to pick up trash, empathize with others and feel compassion for the plight of humanity, I realized that I had two additional weights, Spirit and Earth, at my disposal.


I began to emphasize the spiritual and earthly aspects of life. However, I still remained imbalanced. I realized that I was addicted to things that feed the desires of the Body and Mind and not my Spirit and Earth. Just focusing on adding weight to one side of the scale was not creating the balance I required. , The human instinct is to evolve and develop one’s life.Though counter intuitive, I began to un-develop (take apart, restore to a natural state) the body and mind. Less of all that was seen and consumed and more of all that which is unseen and felt, became the practice.


Balancing the development of Spirit and Earth with the un-development of body and mind fosters peace, unconditional love, and joy. By giving more weight to Spirit and Earth, each of us, as artist of consciousness, can dream a new dream on Earth.


How are you finding balance in your life or not?


Earth Mantra: I am a balance of Body, Mind, Spirit and Earth.



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