Book Review: The Hebrew Scriptures (Same Bible, New Look)

Book Review: The Hebrew Scriptures (Same Bible, New Look) November 28, 2022

McGahan Publishing House offers a unique Bible project in the form of an attractive, solid, hardbound copy of the Hebrew Scriptures. Using the Christian Standard Bible (CSB), the volume follows the traditional, canonical ordering of the Old Testament books: the Law, the Prophets, and the Writings. Such ordering mimics the sort of Scriptures that Jesus and his Jewish peers would have read.

Prefacing each book and each major section are short introductions written by leading scholars of the Hebrew Bible. The thirty-nine contributors span the globe and Christian theological traditions, bringing a wide variety of perspectives and experiences. Each scholar includes historical context and traces literary themes within each book. Perhaps most useful for study, they also provide an outline of their book and a list of suggested resources for further reading.

The uncluttered format of The Hebrew Scriptures makes the text easy on the eyes: verse numbers are offered in the margin sporadically to help readers track their progress in each chapter; pages lack study notes and cross-references; margins are wide; and the text is laid out in one column. Together, these formatting choices create the impression that one is reading not just a collection of sacred writings but also a captivating, grand story. Which, of course, is exactly right.


Reprinted with permission from Bible Study Magazine‘s final issue, Nov/Dec 2022.

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