What Does the Ideal Man Have to Say about Women?

What Does the Ideal Man Have to Say about Women? February 27, 2023

women presented to Christ in ancient art
Santa Prassedes Apse in Rome: Paul with his arm around Praxedes, Peter with his arm around her sister Pudentiana. The women present to Christ Pantocrator their martyrs’ crowns.

The American evangelical church continues to discuss, argue, and fight about women. Not whether they have anything to offer, or whether they can serve in church, or what kinds of moms and sisters and daughters they may be. No, some folks still want to argue about exactly how much they image God compared to men. They want to limit their ability to serve God in certain ways. But if you are convinced God doesn’t put his fully-imaged Baby in a corner, you object to those who do.

I hear this question constantly: WHY are we still talking about this topic?

And I hear it from adherents of both sides.

Hierarchs are befuddled that some folks can’t read 1 Timothy 2:12 “I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet” and know exactly what that means. The Bible is clear!

Heterarchs also turn to the Bible, usually Judges 4–5 (Deborah) and Romans 16 to start, as evidence that God chose a woman to lead Israel and that the same guy who wrote 1 Timothy 2 also partnered with women to preach the gospel. In parts of evangelicalism, the opposing sides are at a stalemate. It’s tough to invest time and energy into investigating a question that people believe is settled. One way or the other.

Yet, my co-author and I attempt to do just that—help people investigate on their own. We offer forty common questions regarding women in Scripture, the home, the church, the world… what does God have to say about us? As we introduce each question, we share the best research from scholars on both sides.

Why do hierarchs believe Deborah was an exception to the rule of male authority? Why do heterarchs believe she is an example of God choosing women to spiritual and political authority?

What is the significance of veils in 1 Corinithians?

What about all the women in church history who seem to have been leading?

Can women be priests? Deacons? Elders?

The book, 40 Questions about Women in Ministry, was released in January. Since then we have spoken on several podcasts about it. But my most recent conversation took a new approach. Christine wanted to know what Jesus thought of women. What did the Savior do with them, how did he relate to them, and what are we to learn from his behavior?

I hope you’ll listen in!

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