Snow Queen, Take your winter blues from me!

Snow Queen, Take your winter blues from me! February 18, 2018
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Winter Blues getting you down? I woke up this morning feeling a bit depressed myself. It seems like the Snow Queen has made a visit in the middle of the night and knocked me completely off balance emotionally and turned my ambitions, among other things, into ice. Not only am I dragging my feet, totally unmotivated and feeling unaccomplished, I am feeling sad for no apparent reason and feel STUCK. Things seem to be moving at a snail’s pace the last few days and being the impatient person that I am, I would like to zip into the future, by-passing all the work that I know I need to finish and beam myself right into happy, sunny summer. Knowing that I lack the magickal ability (at least at this time and place) to do that, I start to have a tremendous pity party for myself, focusing on what I do not have and all that is going wrong in my life. Suddenly, I realize the time and the need to quickly gulp down my cup of coffee and run out the door. I am late.  I run to catch the bus and soon realize that I do not have enough money for my return ride home and no time to go back and grab some. Of course, I immediately start to panic and freak out, which nicely feeds my fantastic mood for this day.

Up ahead, I notice a man and his daughter, rush across the street, in front of the traveling bus, pulling it to the side so that they may get on. Apparently, I was not the only one running late and in a panic mode today. Grumpily, the charming bus driver barks at them, “Are you catching the bus?” The man with the daughter seemed confused and asked the bus driver if this was the right bus to take to get to a certain place. All the bus driver responded was “not really.”

“HELLO, MR BUS DRIVER, help this poor man and his daughter. Tell him what bus to catch, I know what bus to catch, isn’t it your job to please help them?” He must have heard my silent pleas and finally told them where and what bus to catch. Maybe I wasn’t the only one that the Snow Queen had paid a visit to last night.

As I continued through the morning, I took observation to how people greeted one another, or more of the likely, did not. I thought that I would try and turn my day around (after all what did I have to lose?) along with some other unknowing victim’s day and made obnoxious efforts to smile and say hello to strangers that I encountered upon my journey. It is amazing how much your heart can seem to lift after a return smile. This was my way to help myself get “unstuck” and in the process maybe make someone else’s day better too. Sometimes, when I am feeling down, I will buy myself flowers, or just stop to admire them, in other words, “stop and smell the roses.” When you smell flowers, it aids the chemicals in your brain. For example, it is scientifically proven that roses will help to make you feel happy and love (is it a wonder that they are the top selling flower on Valentine’s Day?) I used to always wait for that special someone to surprise me with flowers. When they never did, it added to my depressed feelings and sadness. It took me a very long time to realize that I could simply buy myself flowers. Trust me, it feels makes you feel just as good! And what better way to bring a little reminder of summer into your home at this time of winter blues than a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Make sure to place them in a place that you will see and smell them frequently.

Other ways that help me to get “unstuck” is to write thank you notes to helpful people doing their jobs and being friendly about it. You know, the ones willing to go that extra mile without looking like it is causing them excruciating pain. Gratitude is always a great way to get unstuck. I find that it can lift your spirits if you make a list of what you are grateful for. The universe is more likely to give you what you ask for (think of your spell work) if it believes that you appreciate what you already have been given. Think about this, would you continue to do or give things for an extended period to someone who didn’t appreciate what you did to some level? Or are you more likely to focus on someone that you can tell it makes a difference? Gratitude in itself is magick. It can aid to bring you to a happy place by showing you that it isn’t all that bad.

Continuing my journey of that Snow Queen day, I walked home from my adventure out. The weather warmed up for me as if to offer some hope to my situation. The sun shone bright, the trees waved their branches dancing delightfully and a little bird jumped down to say hi, probably looking for food but I must admit that it made me smile. Nature is always a great way to get unstuck. The point is that when we are feeling a bit off, a bit sad and depressed, grumpy or mad, remember that things can almost always be worse. Take a deep breathe, three or four if you need and try your hardest to not get overwhelmed. Acknowledge what the problem is, what your mood is and then move on.

If you need a little magick to aid with getting “unstuck” try this simple spell:

Snow Queen Winter Blues Spell (for releasing depressing and stuck-i-ness)

  • 1 clean mason jar
  • Clean snow from outside (if you are unable to gather snow, you may substitute and ice cube)
  • Small white chime or tealight candle

Gather snow into the jar and bring inside. (If you must use the ice cube, place that into the jar) bring inside and light a small white chime or tealight candle and place on fireproof surface next to jar. Light candle and softly gaze into the flame. Speak out loud what it is that you wish to release, state this by saying at the end of you list, “I release all that does not serve me.” Allow the candle to burn and the snow (or ice) to completely melt, knowing that as this happens, your woes are being released. When the snow (or ice) has completely melted, pour it down the drain to symbolize the final release. Normally, I would say to bring it outside to release but if the temperatures are cold, this could freeze the melted water back to ice and suspend the final release. Do this weekly until you are feeling better.

Image via Pixabay

“If you are feeling blue, try painting yourself a different color”                                                                                                                                                      ~Hannah Cheatem, Age 8


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