Did Someone Say Toe Reading?

Did Someone Say Toe Reading? October 16, 2018

Did you say Toe Reading?

Toe Reading is a thing! Whenever I ask a client if they would prefer a Tarot or Toe Reading, they stop and look a little confused. At first they think that they did not hear me correctly, so I repeat the question. Still, there is confused look upon their face. Explaining the wonderful art of Toe Reading, they either become so curious about it that they try it out or they say “You do not want to touch my feet.”

I explain that the statement they just made, already tells me something about them. I can understand it though. People are funny about their feet. Very seldom do I find someone that loves their feet. Usually, we pick on them, abuse them and complain when they start to carry us with pain. We seem to almost have a dis-connected view of something that should be rewarded for all the work that is literally put upon them.

What IS a Toe Reading?

Toe Reading is a big thing out west, specifically Arizona. A Woman named K. C. Miller is credited as being the founder of the version that I have expanded upon. It is important to note that there are different types of ‘feet’ readings. Some encompass the whole feet. I am most interested in the toes and how they relate to one another.

When describing what a toe reading is, I like to quote K. C, Miller:

“Toe Reading is a unique and captivating healing art, which uses active listening, powerful, soul-searching questions, and deeply skilled insight to help people create change in their lives. It is the art of sitting before someone and witnessing their very being, their life story. Toe Reading is based on the theory that each individual records a holograph of the story of their life and stores it within the body. The position and shape of the toes contain this story, which can be read by a skilled practitioner. Toes reveal how a person copes with their feelings and thoughts, and by observing someone’s toes, you can learn a great deal about their past experiences and current issues. A Toe Reader addresses and coaches the client on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.”

I like to even go further and say:

“The ‘feet’ can provide many clues to the ‘feats’ we are here to accomplish. The ‘soles’ of the feet enable an experienced reader to accurately and sensitively attune to the ‘soul’ of an individual. The ‘toes’ provide an overall picture of how well the individual could ‘tow’ the line, while the ‘heel’ might illuminate areas of our life that we must ‘heal.’ Toe Readings are fascinating. They examine many aspects of our physical, emotional, and spiritual selves. Toe Readings can be much like a combination of Palm Reading and an overview of Foot Reflexology which provide insights to our energy, roots, whether we can ‘take a stand’ for our beliefs, and areas we need to better understand.”

Who is a great candidate for a Toe Reading?

Everyone, especially those who are feeling lost, stuck and/or not sure what is working for them. A Toe Reading will tell you what strengths are working for you, what is not. It will tell you where you may be stuck and so much more. A person can hide and may even sometimes lie, but your toes do not. Now do you see why it can be interesting when someone ‘hides” their feet or does not like to show them? In case you are wondering, to me this says that they either do not want to change or face their path or that they may have some self-esteem, self-confidence issues.

Where can I get a Toe Reading?

It can be hard to find a Toe Reader. They are out there but it is not as common as finding a palm or tarot reader. If you are looking for an in-person reading, please follow my event page, website or if you are in Salem, MA stop and see me at Enchanted, 98 Wharf Street or Pyramid Books on Derby Street. I will also be making appearances at Zuzu’s Healing Arts at 122 Emerson St. in Melrose, MA in the months of November and December.

If you are not close to any of these locations, do not worry, they can be done online. I can do a Toe Reading via email. All you have to do is send a picture of the tops of your feet and I will take a peek and send you back your reading. You can do that here.

Things to do to help build the soul relationship with your sole.

Your feet are strong. They support you. If you are one that complains about your feet all the time…Stop! Why do they hurt you so? Do you expect them to carry you long hours, day after day? Anyone with such abuse would complain. The voice that you listen to is not the one of fatigue or I am getting tired. It is the voice of pain that gets your attention. Start to build a relationship with your feet of pampering and enjoyment.

Foot Soaks. Pamper your feet and they will reward you with delight.

First off, when is the last time you had a nice foot soak? I bet for most of you, it has been awhile. Think back to the last time you did it. Warm water with a touch of rose petals and a scoop of sea salt. Not only does this feel great, it is a great way to pull toxins from your body. Don’t believe me? Try rubbing fresh garlic on the bottoms of your feet. Wait about an hour and you should start to smell garlic on your breath. If it goes all the way up to your mouth, think about what it could pull out.

Soaking your feet feels awesome! Most of us know this, yet it is always few and far between when we do it. Try doing it at least once a week. See how you feel in a month. Do you now believe the importance of it?

Lotion and Go.

It shouldn’t stop with just a foot soak now and then. When you get out of the shower or tub, find a comfortable seat and smother soothing lotion or balm on your feet and toes. This is not only important in the winter months to avoid cracked feet and heels, but in warmer months too. Think of this as rebuilding your relationship with your soul. It feels good. Your feet will be happy and happy feet mean a happier you.

“The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of Art.” ~Leonardo da Vinci

Want more? Listen to Boston’s #1 Radio show, Matty in the Morning” Kiss 108 FM on October 26th at 8:10 Am EST to get a taste as I read Matty and crew’s toes, live and on the air.

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