5 Healing Plants Easily Found in Your Yard This Summer

5 Healing Plants Easily Found in Your Yard This Summer June 5, 2019

Dandelions, violets and roses are finally making their debut throughout our yards but are you aware of the healing properties of these beautiful flowers? Before you start to weed or mow your lawn, read on to know which flowers to harvest for medicine. Every herbalist knows that the plants that grow around or near you and your dwelling may hold a special message. It has been often noticed that when a person has an ailment, that a herb starts to grow that can aid (not always but very often.) For example, college campuses have been seen with Chamomile popping up on its own to try and sooth stresses and anxiety. Take a look in your yard and research what is growing there in abundance. Perhaps nature has a message for you, too.

1. Dandelions

Dandelions are the most misunderstood herb. To some of you, there may even be a dread, when your lawn fills with this glorious… weed? Remember that the definition of a WEED is simply this: a wild plant growing where it is not wanted. This beautiful yellow flower is the very first food for our friends the honey bee, The leaves and especially roots hold the most benefits. Bitter and sweet are descriptions for what a Dandelion taste like. The main benefits of this herb are upon the function of the liver. Dandelion can aid with removing toxins from the blood. This is why it is used as a blood purifying herb. Dandelion also treats urinary tract infections, stomach pains and skin eruptions. Dandelions is even used in support for people who have cancer.

***People who have allergies with ragweed should take caution. This herb may give you similar reactions.

Roasted Dandelion Tea

You can buy dandelion tea already roasted but if you would like to make your own, here is a simple recipe. Gather dandelion root and mince it well. Let dry, Heat until the roots are a nice deep brown and become aromatic. Simmer roots with 2 cups of water for about an hour. You can also do this in a slow cooker by adding more water and cooking overnight. Strain the tea and drink within 24 hours.

Dandelion Magick

Make Dandelion tea or infusion to aid with divination. The same left by the bedside steaming will call spirits.

2. Violets

Who can refuse the beautiful sweetness of violet. These delicate white and purple flowerettes are a welcomed lawn covering. At least for those who know the benefits of this herb. Violet is great for sore throats and coughs. It can aid with asthma. Violet is also used to treat headaches, inflammation of the eyes, infections in the mouth. Great for constipation, urinary tract infection, eczema and arthritis. Violets taste is sweet but slightly salty.

Violet Cough Syrup

Fill a mason jar about 1/3 full of Violets. Gather the buds and some leaves. Discard the stems. Pour cold water over the leaves. Place jar in refrigerator. Let sit til morning. In the morning, simmer this mixture for 15 minutes then strain the liquid from the leaves. You will have a strong green-tinged tea or decoction. Add in twice as much honey (raw) and gently stir over a very low heat. Keep stirring until the liquid is fully incorporated. Do not simmer or boil so as to not destroy the benefits of raw honey. Pour into a sterilized jar and cap tightly. Store in the refrigerator. Shelf life is around a month. Stirring in several tablespoons of vodka or brandy will help preserve the mixture much longer.

Violet Magick

Violets are ruled by the Goddess Venus. They are good in spells of love, protection and luck. If you gather the first violet of the season, your dearest wish will soon be granted.

3. Mint

Mint is one of those plants you love or hate. Strong scent and pungent taste, mint grows quite easily. Mint grows and spreads easily. Take caution when planting this delight as it will try to over-run your garden. Personally, I have a specific spot designated to a “mint” garden. Most of us know the uplifting taste of Mint but what about the health benefits? Mint can be useful for nervousness, cramps, coughs, migraines and poor digestion.

Mint Fomentation for Headaches

Bring on cup of water to a boil. Remove from heat. Add the mint leaves (peppermint leaves work wonderfully for this.) Stir and let steep for about ten minutes. Strain liquid from leaves. Soak a washcloth in liquid once cooled slightly. Wring out cloth and apply to forehead and back to neck. Rest with on for about 20 minutes and your headache will be better.

Mint Magick

Use mint in spells for money, lust, healing, travel and protection.

4. Roses

Roses are one of my favorite. It did not start out this way for me. I always thought that they were overrated as the flower of “love” but it turns out there is an actual reason for them to be just that. The reason is that they can trigger the happy chemicals in your brain such as dopamine and serotonin. Roses are not only good for your mood but they have wonderful health benefits as well.

Take a rose extract to aid with depression, moods and winter blues. Rose water (found out your favorite drug store) added to a spray bottle is a nice addition when doing ‘spring’ cleaning. Another thing that Rose is good in, is a syrup for cough and sore throat. Rose can aid with kidney stones and frequent bed wetting (safe for children.)

Rose Vinegar

Steep rose petals in distilled vinegar, making sure not to let it come to a boil. Use on foods and salads.

Rose Magick

Roses are great for love, healing, luck and protection.

A tea full of rosebuds drank before going to sleep will induce prophetic dreams. Use rose petals in a mojo bag to carry for luck. Roses planted in the ground will serve as an attraction for fairies.

 5. Lavender

I have to admit that lavender is another one of my favorites. Their fragrant smell is intoxicating but did you know that lavender is good  Lavender is a great remedy to aid with insomnia, anxiety, stress. Folks can also benefit using this herb to aid with burns, pain and depression.

Lavender Bath Salts

Mix 1 cup of sea salt, 2 cups Epsom salt ad 25 drops of lavender essential oil together in large bowl. You can add 1 cup of powdered goats milk for soft skin. Use immediately or store in air tight container. Add to your bath under warm running water and simply… relax.

Lavender Magick

Beautiful lavender is great for workings of love, sleep, protection, happiness and peace.

Lavender is worn to repel the evil eye. It is carried to see ghosts.


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