Virtual Samhain

Virtual Samhain October 16, 2020

Samhain is fast approaching and this year is going to be a bit different than most. We have already seen events including Trick or Treating being canceled. Psychic Faires and Masquerade Balls are being hosted virtually. This presents an opportunity for those who would not otherwise have an exposure to these events to participate.  The question then, is only how to find the “hot” events going on. This guide is here to help you.

Virtual Halloween Costume Contest and Dance Party

Santa Barbara HypeCats Virtual Haunted Halloween Costume dance party is being held virtually on Friday, October 30th from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM. DJ Scott Topper promises an hour and half of fun, featuring Halloween Trivia, Spooky Zoom Background Decorating Contest (decorate your living room to scare) and a Monster Mash Dance Contest.

Boosting over $5000 in prizes, this event also features radio hosts, Gary Fruin & Catherine Remak from KLITE’s 101.7’s morning show and live music from Topper himself. This event is destine to be “big” so make sure to register in advance.

This event is a fundraiser for CADA. Council of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse provides services including mentoring for vulnerable 3rd through 8th graders who are in need of support academically, emotional or socially.

This is a free event, donations are welcomed.

Haunted Happenings Market’s Costume Contest

This year Haunted Happenings Market is offering something new. The Virtual Halloween Costume Contest is open for submissions until October 22nd. Put your best spooky costume together and enter or simply pop in and vote for your favorite ghoul.

This is a free event.

Temple of Witchcraft Ritual and Psyche Faire

The Temple of Witchcraft hosts a lovely Psyche Faire every year. It is followed by a Samhain Ritual. This year both can be found virtually. On October 31st, they will also be offering two online workshops. “Asteroid Goddesses and Spiritual Metamorphosis” is being taught by Lisa Jade. Founder, Christopher Penczak will be offering “The Isle of the Dead: A Journey of Healing & Wisdom.” Both are at a minimal cost. The Temple of Witchcraft’s Psyche Faire will be on Facebook. Yours truly will be a reader and vendor there. Pop in and say hello if you get a chance.

Laurie Cabot & The Cabot Kent Hermitic Temple Present Samhain

If anyone knows how to through a Samhain Bash, it is definitely the “Official Witch of Salem!” This year, anyone can part-take in the fun. This year’s offerings include an event ticket signed by Laurie herself, downloadable ritual, seasonal recipes and much more. Ticket price is $45 for this event.

More Offerings

If you just do a little search, you will see many events that are online for this year’s festivities. Here are just a few more:

Virtual Paint Night with a Spooky Twist or two. Paint for a Purpose is offering a virtual paint party on October 24th. Color Cocktail Factory is offering an option for the beginner with “This is Halloween” on October 28th.

Halloween and Samhain Parties in number are being offered. Graphic Artists Guild is offering a party for members and non-members. The date is set for October 22nd. CC Conn offers a nice option for children with a celebration on October 31st.

A Magic Show by Nannies and Mommies is on October 30th.

Halloween Storytime with Michael Rex, author of “We’re going on Goon Hunt” is on October 16th.

Murdered for Money presents a fun alternative with “Scream,” a virtual murder mystery challenge for Halloween.

This year is going to be different but there is no reason that we cannot still have fun. Above are some ideas but there are so very many more. This is a good year to try something new and different. Embrace that idea.

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Alura Rose is a Witch, Professional Tarot & Toe Reader, Herbalist, Teacher and Author. She has been drawn to the occult and metaphysical since she can remember. When asked at age six, what she wanted to be when she grew up, her ill-favored response was “a Witch.” The truth is, that Alura always knew she was a witch and could see things that others could not even understand. These ‘gifts’ would eventually lead Alura Rose to Salem and to study under some of the best-known occult leaders of our time. Alura Rose is a Priestess in The Cabot Tradition and The Temple of Witchcraft. She has previously held the title of Capricorn Deputy Minister (TOW) where she was in charge of Prison Ministry. In 2014, she received the “Award for Outstanding Service” from the Temple of Witchcraft. She has studied with various other traditions and teachers including Christopher Penczak, Temple of Witchcraft, Raven and Stephanie Grimassi, House of Grimassi, Oberon Zell, Church of all Worlds, and Judika Illes, Author of The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft. In addition, Alura has had the honor of working closely with Laurie Cabot, The Official Witch of Salem, as Laurie’s own personal assistant. Alura Rose is often referred to as “The Fairy Tale Witch™” which stemmed from the rituals and workshops she led at Salem’s beloved store “Enchanted.” She has since created her very own divination system “Fairy Tale Runes™” which has been featured in the book, “The Diviners Handbook” published by Bibliotheca Alexandrina Publishers. Alura currently runs the blog “The Fairy Tale Witch” on Patheos Pagans and has won Eternal Haunted Summer’s Readers’ Choice Award for her poem “The Morrigan.” Alura Rose’s most cherished gift is helping others find clarity and strength through her readings and workshops. She believes that everyone can be psychic when given the proper training and opportunity. You can read more about the author here.

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