The Latin Right: A Year in Review Part 2 (Happy New Year)

The Latin Right: A Year in Review Part 2 (Happy New Year) December 27, 2023

Happy New Year!!!

Welcome to Part 2 of A Year in Review. I left off Part 1 in June and the passing of my father. Below, I continue to highlight some of my favorite pieces from each month. Again, thank you for reading and commenting. I sincerely believe all who take the time to read this blog care about important issues. We may not always agree with each other, but we call care deeply.


July started with a look at Mark Shea’s book The Church’s Best-Kept Secret. I then wrote an appeal to progressive Catholics, offered advice for critics of the Catholic Church, mused about who the Synod of Synodality was for, recounted the tragic story of Alex Fierro, and wrote about the unhappiness of liberals.

Of note:

Want A Happy And Fulfilling Life? Don’t Be A Liberal

…the data shows that liberals live significantly less happy, more unhealthy (both physically and mentally), and lonely lives. More prone towards anxious and unhealthy thinking, liberals also experience higher degrees of mental health issues, like depression. Some, seeing themselves as victims, fall deeper and deeper into poor mental health. As they are not responsible for their current state, they see no remedy for it, save the overthrow of the oppressor.

A Plea To Progressive Catholics: You Have Power, Use It!

I hope my plea does not go ignored by progressive Catholics. I hope they show their unwavering support for the unborn by demanding their politicians abandon their extreme abortion platforms or risk losing their votes. This way, Catholics need not choose between “evil” conservative politicians and “good” progressive ones. In fact, if these progressive politicians abandoned their extreme abortion platform, they would increase their appeal, and therefore, their voter base. Conversely, if progressive Catholics have no desire to demand this change from their progressive politicians, can they just admit they are pro access to abortion and move on. Just admit they agree with the thirty pro-choice Catholic politicians and not the Catholic Church on this issue.


In August, I wrote about Christofacsism. I also shared the truth in love, related a story of a walk along the way of inclusion and affirmation, and finally cracked the code of synodality.

Of note:

Sharing Truth In Love Means…

In Catholicism, truth is a person. Therefore, to deny truth means to deny the person of Christ. Furthermore, a Christian who claims love of neighbor by justifying their sin empties the sacrifice of Christ of its power. To do so also robs the person, made in the image of God, of their true and “authentic freedom.” Only in Christ do we find peace and salvation. And in Mary, the Mother of God, do we see a true example of motherly love and unflinching dedication to the Truth, who is her Son.

Transgressivism’s Poker Tell: Christofascism

The term Christofascist is nothing more than a polemical tool of the transgressives in our society to shut up and shut out from the political process those with traditional values and morality. Unable to win with their own ideology, transgressives seek silence instead. In doing so, they tip their hand and expose their weakness for all to see. Therefore, let us ALL express our political will and see how the cards play out.


To start off September, I welcomed another guest writer. I then offered my opinion on 3 things progressive Catholics want, celebrated the arrival of conservative priests, and how to demoralize the Church. Moreover, I wrote about the marginalization of traditionalist Catholics, when the Church becomes a compassionate NGO, and the slow death of Catholic conscience.

Of note:

How To Demoralize The Church

…questioning the Pope does not constitute a sin. As pointed out, according to canon 212, when the faithful see issues concerning faith and morals, by right and duty, they are required to question. Furthermore, when decisions by the Vatican appear to reward those who dissent and chastise the faithful, how are the faithful not demoralized? I surely am.

Appeal To Conscience Or Exemption From Sin? The Slow Death Of Catholic Conscience

Clearly, since the release of Humanae Vitae, those in dissent saw in “conscience” the carve out needed to disregard Church teaching. But they use it in an inappropriate way. Instead of using it to make good decisions and obey God’s law, dissenters appeal to “conscience” to justify sin and disregard Church teaching they find too difficult or inconvenient.


Moreover, the month of October proved a very productive one. The month stated off on a humorous note about Whataboutisms. I followed this up with what I called the Dubia Wars. Next, I wrote an article inspired by GC Chesterton, shared an open letter from a priest in the trenches, and warned of those who wish to change the Church through vague and ambitious language. To wrap up the month, I related a parable about a bad patient and good physician, penned an open letter to Michael Lofton regarding Pope Francis, mused about blessing sin, and considered the problem of evil considering JRR Tolkien’s The Silmarillion.

Of note:

An Ambiguous Revolution: Changing The Church Through Vagueness And Ambiguity

Ambiguous and vague language provides the spaces to maneuver for revolutionaries who wish to change the Church. Within these spaces, abuses will arise under the protection of this same ambiguous and vague language. In time, the revolutionaries hope the abuses become so ingrained as to become the “praxis” of the Church. So, while the Church has not “changed” her “official” teaching on “blessing” same-sex marriage, this fact now becomes moot because these “blessings” are now integrated into the everyday life of the Church (her praxis). An ambiguous revolution, indeed!

Is “Blessing” The Sinner Also An Approval Of Sin? Well, It Depends…

…those wishing for a blessing within the context of living out “the demands of the Gospel” and repentance, regardless of their current situations or state of their soul, we all say “come!” Come to the Father of mercy and forgiveness. Come and receive the gift of redemption and a new life.


November started on a solemn note, as I reflected on my father’s passing on All Souls’ Day. Furthermore, I welcomed yet another guest contributor. I then wrote a hopeful piece about the African delegation at the Synod of Synodality and followed that up with hyperbolic call for solidarity after the removal of bishop Strickland. In mid-November, I took a break from Church politics and wrote an historical critique of sola scriptura. I followed this up with a critique of progressive Catholicism, asked Magisterium AI some hot button issue questions, and ended the month reiterating my support of Pope Francis.

Of note:

The True Value Of Inaccessible Authority… An Historical Critique Of Sola Scriptura

Sola scriptura becomes a meaningless term if no one possesses the ability to access “scriptura.” Protestants will retort that the Scriptures’ inaccessibility does not diminish its authority. Here, Catholics agree. However, if sola scriptura is true and always applies to all Christians, the fact that most Christians lacked access until less than a hundred years ago reflects poorly on its universality and applicability.

What good is an inaccessible authority your salvation depends on? Clearly, God did not lock His message of salvation away in an inaccessible black box.

Progressive Catholicism Is NOT The Answer

…as witnessed in the West, especially Europe, the movement towards a more progressive and “culturally relevant” Catholicism does not guarantee growth, it accelerates decline. Conversely, in places that embrace historical Catholicism, like Africa, Asia, South America, and parts of North America that stand counter to culture, Catholicism grows. Progressive Catholicism is NOT the answer.


To close out the final month of the year, I pondered if truth is tribal. A guest writer contributed another piece on Just War. Furthermore, my good friend Matt Graham and I discussed if a good God allows for the inaccessibility of His salvific message. Finally, I considered if Jesus is an intolerant bully and if the Church changed her views of blessing sin.

Of note:

Is Jesus An Intolerant Bully? Maybe…

I DO think that His teaching on love, truth, and Hell makes Him a bully according to the standards of our modern culture, standards many Christians (even Catholics) currently buy into. This “tolerant, inclusive, and loving” Jesus never existed. He exists now only in the minds of those who desire a Jesus who bends His knee to their will and sees things their way.

Let us all set aside our own “ideal” Jesus and accept Him as He really is.

Is Truth “Tribal?”

…downplaying the role of truth in opposition to love presents yet another opportunity for the tribalism the author seeks to avoid. As previously stated, tribalism of one form or another seems inevitable. Therefore, our goal ought to be to align ourselves with the Truth (Christ) which likewise aligns us with Love (for God is love). To do so, we must know the truth about the Truth. We must “discern the spirits” to determine the “Spirit of truth.”

This requires knowledge. We must avoid these “either…or” situations and understand the truth reflected in the “both…and” of Jesus, the Godman, the God and man—Truth and Love.

Final Thoughts…

As I wrap up 2023, allow me to again thank all my readers and commenters! Thank you for all the ideas and challenges to my own worldview. May 2024 bring you closer to the Truth.

God bless you all!

Thank you!

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