Tips to Dealing with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome)

Tips to Dealing with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) January 23, 2024

With the decisive victory of former president Donald Trump at the Iowa Caucuses, the latest version of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) kicked into high gear on legacy and social media. Progressive political pundits, “journalists,” vloggers, and bloggers all railed in unison of the “evil” that is former President Donald J. Trump.

(The below is BEFORE Governor Ron DeSantis announced the end of his presidential campaign)

For example:

Ana Navarro’s Reaction to Iowa Caucuses

Or headlines like:

With Trump’s victory in Iowa, we’re inching toward autocracy

And from the blogosphere:

Gearing Up for the Fight Against the Donald Trump Cult

Don’t Normalize Donald Trump

All these opinions share one thing in common: the holders of them suffer, to one degree or another, from TDS. James Risen demonstrated TDS perfectly when he recently stated:

DONALD TRUMP IS a psychopathic criminal. He is a racist, fascist cult leader determined to destroy American democracy.

Mr. Risen no longer seems able to separate fact from fiction in his own mind. Furthermore, his rhetoric, and the rhetoric of those like him, presents the real danger to American democracy, as it offers no room for compromise or dialogue.

Therefore, to combat TDS, I offer some tips to help conservatives and progressives cope with the increased TDS they will encounter as the 2024 elect draws ever nearer. But first…

What Trump Represents to Most Conservatives

As a conservative, I wish progressives truly understood what Donald Trump represents to most conservatives. But no, progressives refuse to acknowledge any narrative except the one they create. Now, the former president provides progressives with ample fodder to use against him. In this sense, Trump stands as a political oddity.

So, what do most conservatives think about Trump? Ben Shapiro sums it up nicely:

When Trump’s enemies, in the aftermath of Joe Biden’s election win, continued to come after Trump using the legal system, Trump argued that he was a stand-in for conservatives everywhere, who feel that they are targeted for destruction by America’s most powerful institutions.

Furthermore, add to this President Joe Biden’s abysmal record (which translates into a record low approval rating), and one can see Trump’s appeal (comparatively speaking). Elsewhere, Shapiro lays bare Biden’s first term (sans the immigration crisis):

40-year inflation high, now baked into the price structure; systemic weakness in the banking system, brought about by the necessity of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates; an out-of-control debt problem that will only appreciate over time; a collapsing Middle East in which a serious war is now the most likely outcome; an emboldened China casting its eyes upon Taiwan; a Europe unsure about American leadership despite the war in Ukraine; an Afghanistan turned over to eighth-century barbarians, with hundreds of Americans still behind enemy lines and 13 American service members murdered; and a social fabric frayed beyond recognition by the insistence on racial “equity” and the false malleability of sex itself, especially for children.

Therefore, despite all the issues with the former president, of which MANY EXIST, conservatives identify Trump as a progressive pariah and will not vote for the political failure Joe Biden.

So, how do conservatives cope with the increasing levels of TDS?

Tips to Dealing with Others Who Suffer from TDS

  1. Just breathe and pray.
  2. Make a valiant attempt at dispelling misconceptions (hence this article).
  3. Realize that no matter what you say, those who suffer from TDS cannot see anything in Trump beyond their own imaginings. Therefore, if you choose to vote for him over Biden, you too become part of TDS narrative.
  4. Go about your life.

Tips for Those Suffering from TDS

  1. Take a deep breath.
  2. Expand your reading and view beyond legacy media and Media Matters.
  3. Trust in checks and balances. Even if Trump wins in 2024, our constitutional republic will survive (and it may even thrive).
  4. Try a different tactic. The “Trump is a psychopathic criminal, racist, and fascist cult leader determined to destroy American democracy” shtick is losing stem.
  5. Run on Biden’s record to defeat Trump. If you think Biden’s doing a great job, you do not need to scare people.
  6. Don’t think about Trump. TDS allows Trump to live in your head rent-free. Out of sight, out of mind.

Final Thoughts…

To conclude, allow me to get a bit more serious. The extreme rhetoric used by those who see Trump as a threat to American democracy should concern all Americans, regardless of political persuasion. Such rhetoric leaves no room for dialogue, and once people stop talking, fighting starts.  No one wants to see another Civil War.

Moreover, when a sitting US senator (and former presidential candidate) states the following about a potential Trump win in 2024, one must push back and sue for clarity and composure.

It will be the end of democracy, functional democracy.


A second Trump presidency will be more extreme. He is a bitter man, having gone through four indictments, humiliated, he’s going to take it out on his enemies.

For a list of Trump accomplishments in his first term click here and here. Not mentioned were the Supreme Court judges nominated by Trump, which led to the eventual (and historic) overturn of Roe v. Wade. Many Republican presidents promised an end to federally funded abortions, but only Trump delivered on it. Notice that in all his policies, not one indicated a theoretical or actual “end of democracy.” Therefore, given the strength of our institutions, and the checks and balances in place, TDS represents a more serious threat to American democracy than Trump.

So, let’s all just breathe and let the chips fall where they will, knowing that America will endure.

What do you say?

Thank you!

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Tips to Dealing with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome)
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