Democrats: Want Trump to Go Away? Let Him Win and Reset

Democrats: Want Trump to Go Away? Let Him Win and Reset March 7, 2024

Well, Nikki Haley suspended her campaign after achieving only one win on Super Tuesday in Vermont. This, in turn, makes Donald Trump the Republican nomination for president in 2024 (and a rematch of 2020). Add to this the recent decision by the Supreme Court (9-0) that ruled states cannot remove Trump from presidential election ballots. Moreover, President Biden approval consistently polls very low, with the latest New York Times/Siena poll shows Biden trailing Trump by five points. Mind you, Trump leads in the polls despite an unfavorable media, multiple lawsuits, and a propensity towards verbal gaffes. That those on the Left and extreme Left hate Trump is an understatement. They want him to go away, yet he refuses to obey them.

As always, I offer my two cents to help Democrats in their political plight. Will they listen? Probably not… So, how do Democrats finally get rid of Trump and reset the table for their political future? Simply let Trump win in 2024. They need to redirect their energies away from TDS and towards planning to exist in opposition for the next four years.

Below, I lay out how Democrats can be rid of Trump and reset the table of their political future.

Allow Biden to Lose Gracefully and Retire

On March 6th (the day after Super Tuesday), The Hill reported:

Democrats are beginning to hit the panic button as an implosion in former President Trump’s campaign fails to materialize and a series of polls suggests President Biden is weaker than he was four years ago.

This weakness goes far beyond Biden’s age and inability to effectively communicate. Inflation, foreign wars, and extreme Leftist policies leave many American voters, including the likes of traditional liberals like Joe Rogan and Elon Musk, moving towards Trump. Clearly, Biden represents a troubled and weak candidate, the last of an older generation of politician carryovers from the 20th century. At 81, President Biden is currently the oldest sitting president, and by default, the oldest president to seek reelection. If reelected, Biden will leave off at 86 years old!

Time for New Blood

Moreover, with a Trump win, Democrats clear the board for a complete reset heading into 2028. Republicans benefit too. According to the 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution:

 No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice…

Therefore, if Trump wins, he no longer possesses the ability to run again. However, if he loses again, a reappearance in 2028 seems all but likely (even at 82). Not to mention the younger and more vigorous political talent waiting in the wings. Talents like:

Gavin Newsome

Many consider the 56-year-old governor of California Biden’s heir-apparent. This despite the drawbacks of both an unpopular race and gender. Otherwise, his Leftist bonafides as governor of the most progressive state in the union appear second-to-none. With Biden far too old to run in 2028, Newsome seems the most electable option, by far.

Kamala Harris

The current Vice-President ought to represent Biden’s heir over that of Newsome. However, she often fails in her ability to connect with Democratic voters. Frankly, while Harris scores big on the intersectionality scale, she lacks the polish and finesse of Newsome. I see a possible DNC chair in her future.

Honorable Mentions

Aside from Newsome and Harris, Cory Booker (Senator of New Jersey) and Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer stand out. Furthermore, all, save Harris, will be under (or near) the age of sixty when 2028 rolls around. Not a bad scenario

Power in Opposition

Finally, instead of focusing on the “evils of Trump,” Democrats ought to focus on maintaining the Senate and flipping the House of Representatives. This strategy balances out the potential “damages” of a Trump presidency. Furthermore, “power in opposition” provides plenty of opportunities for the candidates-in-waiting to develop their game for the inevitable 2028 run.

Final Thoughts…

I believe the above represents the best-case scenario for Democrats to finally move past Trump. Will they take the advice? Probably not.  Part of me thinks they get some sort of kick out of hating Donald Trump.

If they truly want Trump to go away, let him win.

I hope you continue to have a productive Lent.

Thank you!

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Democrats: Want Trump to Go Away? Let Him Win and Reset
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