November 21, 2022

I truly enjoy writing on Patheos. I also enjoy reading other Christian bloggers on Patheos, too. Whether other Catholic bloggers or Progressive Christians, Patheos provides a seemingly endless source of enjoyable reading. Moreover, even if I disagree with other writers on multiple topics, I do appreciate the investment of time and effort required to consistently write a blog. In my reading of other blogs, I do have questions, especially for those who consider themselves “progressive” Christians. I Include in this... Read more

November 16, 2022

Recently, the focus of many of my articles is the Synod of Synodality. I did this because I hold the Church and those who lead her in the highest regard. I also see the product of the synodal “listening sessions” as an affront to Christ and His Church. Most troubling to me of late is the resounding silence of our bishops. There are blips here and there. For example, Cardinal Gerhard Muller’s interview on EWTN’s The World Over and retired... Read more

November 15, 2022

The Latin Right on GRN’s Catholic Drive Time. Recently, I had the honor of discussing the Synod of Synodality on the Guadalupe Radio Network’s program Catholic Drive Time. Check out the interview here. Key Issues for Concern with the Synthesis Marginalization appears 5 times in the document. Marginalized appears 3 times. Polarization appears 5 times in the document. Welcoming appears 8 times in the document. Justice appears 13 times in the document. Concerning Passages from the Synthesis It is particularly... Read more

November 14, 2022

After the lackluster showing of conservatives on November 8th, I, like all conservatives, wondered why conservatives in only two states (Texas and Florida) fare well? Furthermore, why, considering horrible inflation, higher crime, and a border crisis, did conservatives barely eke out a minor victory in the House of Representatives (hopefully)? Many pundits pointed to poor conservative candidate quality, while others pointed at Trump. I see another factor hiding in plain sight—mass conservative migration to red states. In this article, I... Read more

November 7, 2022

We, in the United States, face a mid-term election on November 8th. Pundits on both the Left and the Right make their pet points about the economy, inflation, immigration, crime, and yes, abortion. Ever since the removal of Roe v. Wade, the Left made abortion, specifically access to abortion, their main selling point to keep Democrats in power. Disregard record inflation on everything. Forget the mass influx of migrants overwhelming border communities. Forget the rising crime in all major US... Read more

November 4, 2022

The Church has failed to properly instruct her members in basic Catholic teaching. The recent “synthesis” presented to the United States of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) as part of the Synod of Synodality, is an indictment on catechesis in America. This document, presented as the representative of American Catholicism demonstrates a profound lack of basic Catholic understanding of human sexuality, ordination, and communion. In this article, I lay out the faulty beliefs reflected in the “synthesis.” I then offer correction to... Read more

November 3, 2022

The misuse of the faithful in the Synod of Synodality. Recently, I wrote an article about the extreme content found in National Synthesis of the People of God in the United States of America for the Diocesan Phase of the 2021-2023 Synod. This “synthesis” appears to be an attempt by those who dissent from Church teaching to enact change. I contend that those who lead this effort seek to appeal to sensus fidelium in their attempt at doctrinal change. The... Read more

October 26, 2022

5 things that would happen if the Catholic and Orthodox Church reunited. The Roman Catholic and Orthodox Church share a lot in common. They both trace their origins back to Pentecost, where Jesus established His Church. Therefore, both Roman Catholicism and Orthodoxy hold the honor as the Church Jesus personally established. In fact, these Churches were one for over a thousand years. The official split took place in 1054 AD. The sacking and conquest of Constantinople in 1204 AD by... Read more

October 24, 2022

Allow me to introduce you to the Episcopal Church. I jest in the title of this article. All people, regardless of background, I desire join the Catholic Church. I do not wish any to leave Christ’s Church. My jest highlights my concern for dissenting or heterodox Catholics who I believe are more theologically in the line with the Episcopal church than the Catholic Church. In this article, I lay out why I think heterodox Catholics may find great happiness in... Read more

October 21, 2022

Where is the faithful’s voice in the Synod of Synodality? Recently, I read an alarming interview between EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo and Cardinal Gerhard Müller on The World Over. They discussed The Synod on Synodality. A movement hijacked by dissenting voices within the Church as the true movement of the Holy Spirt with the Church. If true, this represents a real threat to Catholicism in the US, but globally. In this article, I quote the document National Synthesis of the People... Read more

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