As a Sissy, I’m Not Excited About Trump’s America

As a Sissy, I’m Not Excited About Trump’s America January 8, 2017 - COO – COO

I’ll say this, Trump doesn’t scare me, or frighten me [I will admit that my lack of fear comes from, besides my faith, my White, Heterosexual, Male Privilege]. While this privilege does afford me the ability not to fear Trump, I tend not to look at life with fear; I’ve a deep seeded faith that excludes fear of what might happen. But I’ll admit, I’m not looking forward to an American under Trump, and a Republican leadership. I can see why so many people fear “Trump’s America.” I wonder about the future of democracy under Trump, as the “CEO of America.” While my faith teaches me not to fear, I still need to speak out against what I believe will destroy the very fabric of this Country, the very fabric of our democracy, the very fabric of human decency, the very fabric of our faith.

Why? Because, and this is just my point of view, neither Trump, or the Republicans, have anything to offer except division, and submission of the people. What they claim to offer are simply unrealistic, empty promises, with no real substance designed to help those in need. When thinking in terms of Trump, all he claims to offer us is Trump – and the Republicans are only interested in reversing everything President Obama has accomplished over 8 years; when they speak of “repeal, replace” they have nothing to replace what they desire to repeal. So, as far as sheep go, the Republicans are running after Trump, getting ready to bring about an America that is out of touch with the world around us. Here is why I think an America under Trump and the Republicans is something I’m not looking forward to. Let me see if I can explain this in relationship to my Faith Journey.

Nostalgia is Over Rated:
The Idea of “Making America Great Again,” for me, is code for “bring us back to the 1940-50’s” – When America was White, and people of color, and women, knew their place. It is a phrase, when I hear it, that brings us back to a time when those who spoke-up against the government were tagged as insurrectionists, rebels, troublemakers, and were sent to prison because of their “unamerican” activities. It starts with insults, bullying, and open rejection, then quickly moves to violence by their followers. In their twisted views of how we should be, freedom is curtailed, self-expression is standing against the leadership, and standing against the leadership is evil. But my faith tells me that everyone is equal in the eyes of the Divine. No person is considered less, and no person is considered more – everyone is equal. So, any government, or people, who speak against another because of race, ethnic background, national origin, sexuality, or citizen status is not expressing equality.

The Gang’s All Here
When it comes to Trump, the Republicans, and those he has selected for his Cabinet, it’s not just the bigotry, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, and bullying that causes me concern; it is his ability to bring that out in his followers; it’s, in his silence his supported receive approval for some of their horrid actions. Their actions, in connection to the silence of Trump, and the Republican Leadership, gives others permission to be bigoted, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, and bullies. On some level, this is good news. WHAT, how can that be good news? Yes, it’s good at some point. Without striving to paint their supporters with a wide brush, we now know that bigotry, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, and bullying have always been just under the skin of many people. So, while living such a life is not acceptable, we now know that a great many people live with those feelings; some out in the open, while others try to hide it under their coats – but I’m of the mind that if you are unwilling to speak out against it, you support it. Living in a Trump’s America has shown us how many people have his twisted views of humanity.

The Long Con
The con is set, the marks have been identified, shills are coming into place, and the scam will soon be unfolding. This long con will be unfolding over the next four years. Part of this long con involves redefining what he said during the elections, to something very different. Let’s take “The Wall” for an example. He continually stated that “Mexico would pay for the wall” – yet, resent statements concerning the building of the wall is that American taxes will now pay for the wall, and Mexico will pay us back – WHAT?

Another twist to the long con will be felt by the LGBTQA Community.

Over the past Trump has professed support for the “LGBTQ” community. But, when one looks deeper, and as of late, you will find that he opposes nationwide marriage equality, and he has pledge [to his Republican Party friends] to nominate “antigay judges” to the Supreme Court. The seed of his standing against LGBTQA rights should’ve been seen with his choice of Pence, and the anti-LGBTQA platform of the Republican Party in general, not to mention his Cabinet selections.

Still another twist can be found in his relationship with Science, Education, and even faith.

His selection of people who are anti-science, anti-education, and even anti-faith, have caused me great concern. The idea that “their feelings” on any subject can counter the education, and experience of experts in any given field of study is astounding. I read a post recently that said, something like, “Your Google search does not trump my education, and experience.” I love the play on words.

Hate Cannot Win
Hate cannot win, it’s just that simple. We cannot be paralyzed by fear, we must stand for Love. Hate has always been a part of the American Culture; it’s human nature. That’s just a reality we all must face. For love to win, we need to identify hate, and those who spread hate in our culture. We tend to hate things, people, and change, when we see them as different from who we are, or who we think we should be. Trump will not change that, but he will magnify it. His racist, anti-immigrant, homophobic rhetoric has empowered white nationalist groups, encouraging a rise in hate crimes, and bullying in schools – all under the misguided idea that America has become too soft, and we need to fix this “sissy nation.” For me, love must win. Love must be our guiding rule, love must be something we seek to live by, and understand. If we allow hate to win, we will spend decades striving to bring love to the forefront of our world. If seeing love, and acceptance, as being qualities of a “sissy” – I’ll take that, I’m a sissy. I can accept that label, because if saying love win makes me a sissy, Jesus was a big sissy.

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