Forthcoming Books on Homosexuality

Forthcoming Books on Homosexuality November 10, 2015

I want to let you know about a few new pages that I’ve added to my blog. First, I’ve added PTBL(or my publisher added) a separate page for each of my forthcoming books, People to Be Loved: Why Homosexuality Is not just an Issue and Living in a Gray World: A Christian Teen’s Guide to Homosexuality. Both of these books will be released on December 8th through Amazon, but if you preorder them today, you’ll receive some free bonus content.

If you check out these two pages above, you’ll also be able to read the first chapter of each book for free. I’m a big fan of courting a book before you commit. So read the first chapter to see if these books are for you. You’ll also find several videos that I’ve filmed that relate to each book. People to Be Loved has a trailer video and Living in a Gray World has several videos that I shot as I was talking to some Christian teens about homosexuality.

I’ll say more about these books in the near future, but just a quick word about content and reading level. Living in a Gray World is written for teens, but it’s actually pretty relevant for anyone who’s interested in some of the practical questions related to Christians and homosexuality, such as: how do I love my best friend or family member who just came out? Or, should I attend a gay wedding, even if I don’t believe that same-sex marriages are blessed by God?

People to be Loved is written for “thoughtful Christians” (sorry, that’s just what LGWpublishers call you…or, some of you), though it’s heavily footnoted for pastors and scholars. I wrote the book in sort of a bloggy, conversational tone, yet tried to go as deep as I could without making it feel like a dissertation. Most of the scholarly stuff I’ve read on homosexuality is tough to follow, yet most popular level books lack in substance and precision. So I’ve tried to bridge the gap between the ivory tower and the pew. You can read the first chapter for free to get a feel for the tone.

Lastly, I also included a page for my new podcast creatively titled (drum roll please) “Theology in the Raw.” The podcast flows out of a daily radio show that I host here in Boise. It used to be called “What Does the Bible Really Say,” but I changed the name to correlate with my blog. Plus, the former title feels a bit arrogant, as if my interpretation of the Bible is what it really says. Same content; different title. Here are a few recent podcasts I’ve recorded:

Anyway, I pray that these books and podcasts will bless and challenge the church as we seek to navigate the turbulent waters in the sea of faith and culture.

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