If Tyranny Reigned, How Would Church Look Different? Guest Post: Robert Martin

If Tyranny Reigned, How Would Church Look Different? Guest Post: Robert Martin June 16, 2010

What a cool thing it is to connect with so many people, from so many places, and with so many perspectives.  This is a post that was birthed out of my OPEN MIC blog post (BTW- still accepting submission ideas).  I want to hear from others, about how God is at work in their own theological, philosophical, cultural, and social ethics journey.  I personally do not endorse everything that the guest contributors have to say; and it is possible that I will outright disagree with them on some points, but I am always open to dialogue :-) Here is our third guest post by a blogging friend, Robert Martin.


Something my wife mentioned recently made me wonder some stuff. Here are some questions that I think the Christian church in the USA needs to seriously ask themselves. Likewise, these are fair questions for any Christian in any society today. Please note, these are not political questions, these are ecclesiology (church) and missiology (mission) questions. They apply no matter what the politics, governmental structure, economic philosophy, or what not that you are currently living under.

1. If your government were to fail utterly today and a tyranny that is unfriendly to the mission of the church arise in its place, what would you, as a Christian, do differently?

2. If there is something you would do differently, why aren’t you doing it now?
3. What is preventing you from making those changes in your life?

I personally need to think very hard and very carefully about these. The answers may be a lot harder to deal with that appear on the surface.

What about you?

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  • Cool! It made it in!

    In any case, just so y’all know, these are questions that I’m wondering as I try to figure out the whole missional church thing. Our society in the USA, truth be told, is fairly friendly to church of many flavors. This is a “what if” article… what if it wasn’t?

    I look forward to hearing some responses to this. Perhaps they will help me in my personal wrestling.

    God bless!

  • Conrad

    I think it would look much like China does today… have you seen the “Finger of God”?

  • Jon

    The questions are a bit flawed and leading..It’s almost like asking if someone came into your house and stole your food how would your actions change? Why aren’t you changing your actions now? The obvious answer is “well no one has stolen my food..well i suppose i would be grumpy if someone did steal my food..well, should i go out and buy a new dead bolt on my door based on someone hypothetically steeling my food?”

    Now to the deeper point that it seemed like you were trying to get at..During the Communist revolution in China, the government threw out the Christian missionaries and virtually shut down the entire mainline Christian infastructure except for a few churches for dignataries and travelers. in 1949 there were approximately 500,000 baptized protestants & from a population of 450 million. Now in 2010(depending on the estimation) there are between 100 million to 150 million Christians in China out of a population of 1.5 billion.. So, under an oppressive regime the number of Christians grew from less than 1 percent of the population to close to 10% of the population. in the next 20 years that number is expected to double. 300 million Christians in communist China by 2030..Thats practically the entire population of the U.S. they are thriving with less access to the written Word than we do..The majority of there meetings are in house churches and there ability to post interact on the Internet about there faith is greatly limited..Yet, they are living like the early church in Acts and God is indeed adding thousands to there numbers daily.. Maybe we should be less concerned with “the empire” and be more concerned with saving sous for the Kingdom

  • Now, Jon, I THINK you finally got the point…

    But I’m looking for more personal response. As I mentioned, this is a personal struggle of mine, one that I’m only now starting to really figure out what I’m personally going to do.

    Saving souls for the Kingdom is, of course, the goal of the church even under a friendly government but frankly, look around, we don’t seem to be doing to fantastic of a job at it around here. What SHOULD we be doing that folks in oppressive situations like mainland China are already doing? Is there something that we are missing here? We can talk theory all we want, but what actually are we trying to do here?