Pat Robertson, Divorce, Alzheimer’s, & a Bad Step Away from Fundamentalism?

Pat Robertson, Divorce, Alzheimer’s, & a Bad Step Away from Fundamentalism? September 15, 2011

Surprise surprise.  Christians once again have Pat Robertson to thank for a ridiculous comment.  Watch this video:

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What interests me most about this, besides the absolute insensitivity toward families that are victims of Alzheimer’s, is that this might be the one of few instances in which Pat Robertson takes a step away from hyper-literal fundamentalist interpretation of the Bible.  Its a weird step away from dogma and towards some sort of psuedo-grace.  The only problem is that he chose to step outside of his typical box based on a poor assumption about this difficult sickness… that a person is no longer “there” when the disease takes over.  Does this surprise you?  With all the places in Scripture that would be worth being less restrictive or “literal,” it seems odd that this is the one he’s chosen to speak out about.

What are your thoughts? Was this a step towards grace (I think it was an attempt at it)? Was this irresponsible? Do you think this might have been an odd move away from Fundamentalist sorts of black and white interpretation? What are your thoughts on divorce in general and in this instance specifically?

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