Obama picture they don’t want you to see

Obama picture they don’t want you to see December 18, 2011

* The “they” in the title refers to the media based on the person who posted the videos own description.*

Even if you are not a fan of our president, this image is powerful.  I have mixed feelings about our current president (I will have mixed feelings about any president as I don’t think you can fully follow Jesus and function as needed in this role).  However, I do not doubt our president’s Christian faith.  I think this serves as a reminder that we ought to respect and pray for the leaders of this and every nation, that they would enact policies of peace and justice. This is powerful because of the reminder it gives us!

Here’s an image via video that was shared by a FB friend, who I’m pretty sure would never even vote for him…

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  • Alan L Hoekstra

    Kurt, after expressing my response to your “fully able to follow” comment of fb, I viewed the 1 minute 12 second youtube video. While I found it surprising, I did not consider it ‘powerful’. It is no secret there are dozens of Christians in places of power and influence in Washington DC,  who meet regularly for Bible study, prayer, accountability, etc.

    I too have mixed feelings about our president, not because I don’t think a follower of Jesus can fully follow AND execute the duties of the office, but because President Obama has given us so many reasons to be confused as to what his message, agenda, core values and plans for the country are.

    One powerful example, in my opinion: when it is politically expedient for him, he liberally plays the trump card of the importance of the ‘will of the people’ when it serves him well to  decry the antics of Congress. However the ‘will of the people’ was summarily dismissed during the Health Care debates when the majority of Americans demonstrated repeatedly (documented in poll after after) they did not want this massive overhaul of the system. If he does indeed, respect the will of the people, he would have respected it during the most momentous and financial business shift in our economy. 

    Repeated inconsistency appears to be his most consistent downfall. Hence, the most recent polls that illustrate that now a slight majority of Americans do not believe he deserves a second term. This is powerful information.

    • Drew P

      But poll after poll showed that the “people” supported the Affordable Care Act after learning the details of the bill. So, in this case he did respect and enact the “will of the people.” The top line of polls can be deceiving, you have to look at and examine the crosstabs and additional questions of the poll to get the full picture. Especially when it can be so easily skewed depending on the bias of the reporting company/person, or when the audience decides to stop paying attention the report. His issue isn’t “repeated inconsistency” but the lagging economy (which you can spend so much more time attributing “blame” too).

      As for the video clip, I agree I wasn’t really moved, and find the title unnecessarily divisive/paranoid. (Not Kurts fault I know) Which automatically makes me view it more skeptically.

    • JM

      “Repeated inconsistency appears to be his most consistent downfall.”

      That is an excellent quote.

  • Trae Thompson

    By they, who do you mean? The administration? The media? Leftists? I don’t find this video shocking, or stunning…. So black Christians are praying for the President. Stop the presses.

  • Debra

    Sorry, this doesn’t surprise me.  I’m an old Chicagoan who has several 3-degrees of separation connections to the President, I’ve been to Trinity (gotta love that Rev. Wright) and I pray for President Obama every time I think about him.  The picture actually made me recall the Mennonite church of my childhood, when members would surround and lay hands on people who were leaving for mission work, for example.  The surprise will come after November 2012, when the Barack Obama Chicagoans know and love won’t have to worry about re-election.  Hold on to your hats!

    • KingsofZion

      are you referring to the same Rev Wright who repeatedly shouted, “God damn America!!!” to his congregation among other disturbing things?….and the same Barack Obama that sat in Wright’s pew for some 20 years without grasping some of the most essentials of the Christian faith?

  • Shelly

    I think one thing the Bible is fairly clear on is the responsibility of believers to pray for those in leadership and authority. This isn’t based on whether I like someone or not. In fact, logically, I should be praying MORE for the person I don’t like as I would be more concerned that the decisions they make are going to be contradicting my own preferences. Many people don’t value this task of praying for their government, bosses, church leaders, etc. I guess it isn’t the most exciting thing in the world…but it makes a huge impact even when we can’t directly see the fruit from our prayers.

  • GSW

    This supposed to make the unthinking American believe B. Hussein Obama is a Christian? Of course “they” want this picture seen, and the proof is that we now see it! He has never left campaign mode, this is what would be referred to as propaganda.

  • I do not know, nor can anyone know, where President Obama’s heart is specific to whether or not he is a follower and disciple of Christ. His actions, policies, words and behaviors are not reflective of one who has made Christ his Lord and Savior. I would go so far as to say he is not bearing much fruit. That, in and of itself, does not mean he is or is not a follower of Christ.

    One glaring example of this is President Obama’s very vocal and consistent support of Planned Parenthood and abortion in the US and around the world. One cannot profess Christ and support induced abortion no more than one can profess Christ and support murder.

    • KingsofZion

      good points.

  • KingsofZion

    I like Barack.  I do note that he has a pattern of doing exactly those things that will get him reelected. Voting base in place. It doesn’t surprise me that he’s trying to cover all the bases with regard to voter influence. Prayer included.

    Enacting  policy that leads us away from freedom, accountability & responsibility may look like love on the surface (it feeds on human nature), but proves to be a snare and an insidious one at that when the damage is done.  I suspect that much of the policy we see will cost us dearly in the long run…and not just financially.

    He’s got courage though. just needs a little wisdom. he’ll get booted before he gets a chance to exhibit any. lovely system.

  • I don’t agree with President Obama’s politics and I don’t intend to vote for him, but he is possibly the most overtly Christian president of my lifetime (I’m 52).  He has declared his faith publicly and boldly on numerous occassions, but you wouldn’t know it from the media reports.  I believe his faith is disquieting to the partisans on the left and on the right.  The secular left is embarassed by his faith and to the right wing partisans are too busy trying to convince folks that he is a Muslim. 

    I think the way many of us have treated a Christian brother in questioning and denying his faith is shameful.  But, as he put it at this year’s National Prayer Breakfast:

    “My Christian faith then has been a sustaining force for me over these last few years. All the more so, when Michelle and I hear our faith questioned from time to time, we are reminded that ultimately what matters is not what other people say about us but whether we’re being true to our conscience and true to our God. ‘Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well.’”

  • Ableskeever

    Interesting that it was a Rick Perry ad that got the Obamas in church.

  • Eabmagness

    In your estimation, does the picture confirm he’s a Christian?