Snoopy Writes a Theology Book?

Snoopy Writes a Theology Book? December 17, 2011
Source: Peanuts | Schulz

I thought this was awesome… so I share it with you all.  It was sent to me in an email 🙂

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  • The domain of religion is particularly perplexing because of its fixture blocking recognition that one can be wrong. In other words, in religious matters we tend to assume without realizing it that we cannot be wrong. We take this plank as a foundation, which is odd because of the nature of the transcendent (as wholly other, so not knowable on our terms…so we are more apt to be wrong than right about how we interpret/understand revelation). In my essay (at ), I argue that Christianity may indeed have been wrong in severing wealth from greed. For one thing, it has allowed for the prosperity gospel, which played a role in the subprime mortgages that almost froze the global financial system in 2008. Believing we can’t be wrong in religion can have real world costs.

  • That is totally. awesome.

    I never knew Charles Schultz wrote this comic.  Thanks for sharing…

  • Rushroth

    I have a book on my shelf entitled, “The Gospel According to Peanuts.”

  • KingsofZion

    enacting policy within the Church (denominations?) based on theological error is extant throughout our history. This can be part of our learning curve or just prideful ignorance. The problem is that when confronted with issues, changes aren’t made (by some) for improvement.

    When burdened by peripheral issues, we can all find courage and comfort in knowing that one thing is for sure: we will never be wrong about Christ; and, if that’s all some ever know, they’ve gotten the one thing we all have to get.