The Modern Magnificat: stories of women called to ministry

The Modern Magnificat: stories of women called to ministry January 24, 2014

As you are well aware, I am an egalitarian when it comes to gender roles in the church and home. I’ve written about it numerous times.

What I want to make you aware of is a great book that has compiled stories of modern women following their calls into the pastorate (and other ministry professions).

The Modern Magnificat: Women Responding to the Call of God (edited by Jennifer Harris Dault) has accomplished an important task: putting human faces on an important theological issue. I remember when I was first confronted with the question of whether or not women could serve in all facets of leadership within the church. After studying the relevant biblical texts in their historical context and seeking God in prayer, I became completely convinced that women should be liberated for all forms of ministry!

As a youth pastor (at the time), I wanted to create an environment where teen girls and boys could discern the Spirit’s call into any role within the church. To do the opposite actually works against the potential impact of the Kingdom. So, I implore you; listen to Jennifer, Ali, Jamie, Heather, Katrina, Peggy, and all of the other remarkable stories about a God who declares that both our “sons and daughters shall prophesy!”

For those struggling to see how having female pastors could possibly be biblical, check out my introduction series called Liberating Women for Ministry.

For all wanting a source for inspiration in regards to the gift that women can be to church leadership, read this book!

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