My Response to Mark Driscoll Being Removed from Acts 29

My Response to Mark Driscoll Being Removed from Acts 29 August 8, 2014

Here’s my reaction to Mark Driscoll on being kicked out of Acts29…

HERE’S THE FULL TEXT OF WHAT I WROTE IN THAT FB UPDATE FOR ANYONE WHO DOESN’T USE FB: “I’ve intentionally stayed out of this publicly as I live in some odd tension as a church planter in Mars Hill’s founding neighborhood. One of the challenges for folks like us is that we want to create a church (Pangea) that is “for” something and Someone, and not to be positioned as “against” something or someone as we shape our young identity. I’ve met several wonderful and godly people who attend Mars Hill Church. They find community in relationships there. They appreciate hearing from the Scriptures, albeit a vastly different theology than Pangea represents, but from the Scriptures nonetheless. I count several of them as friends and family members in Christ. There is no doubt that God has done some great things through many of the people at that church, even with some very clear pastoral and theological missteps. I hurt with those who have been hurt by a leadership and a system like this one (having experienced the pain church can cause people on a personal level in the past). Excessive power in the church when coupled with certain theological assumptions can be quite abusive. So to all of those who are hurting right now for whatever reason because of what is happening at Mars Hill Church, I want you to know that we are praying with you and for you. God is with you, the Lord Jesus is for you, and the Holy Spirit will be there to comfort you. And I also pray for Mark Driscoll and the entire Driscoll family. May he take steps forward that demonstrate that he truly loves his spiritual family and physical family. I pray that he gets whatever help he may need. And at the end of the day, I want to reemphasize that I pray for all of you who have been hurt or spiritually abused because of Mars Hill and its leader–whether as a regular attendee or by extension through Mark’s influence in the broader church. May our tone about this matter be full of both grace and truth.”

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