The Godai: Character Flaws

The Godai: Character Flaws June 26, 2022

My previous article on the Godai introduced my readers to some very basic principles. In this article I want to discuss how the Godai reveal the Five Character Flaws we all face. That is, envy, neediness, ignorance, anger and egotism. With proper spiritual training these can be overcome, and, in the process, you can develop the Five Wisdom Principles. As stated, the Godai can assist us in this process.

Water-In the water mindset, when you feel hatred rising within you, it is best to show yourself patience. Don’t become frustrated with yourself, but rather calmly notice the thoughts and emotions and let them go. In this way, mindfulness can gain clarity and depth. (Mindfulness is the first Wisdom Principle)

Fire-In the fire mindset, when unnecessary or disordered desire rises to the surface, you respond with compassion. Again, don’t attack yourself, but compassionately recognize the desire and redirect it. Transform desire into focus on that which contributes to the highest good. (Seeking the Highest Good (Love) is the second Wisdom Principle)

Earth-In the earth mindset, when egotism and pride rear its ugly head, recognize it with stability and make the effort to redirect it to an open-minded attitude. Focus the thoughts on the equality of all Souls and recognize the inherent divinity in all. (Recognizing the value of all is the third Wisdom Principle)

Wind-In the wind mindset, when you see envy developing, respond with a firm commitment to discipline yourself to achieve what contributes to the highest good. Understanding purpose and discipline, rather than envy, will lead to that which you seek. (Purpose & Discipline are the fourth Wisdom Principle)

Void-In the void mindset, when ignorance emerges, redirect your thoughts and energies to knowledge and comprehension. Look deeper into the perennial truths that lead to realization. Don’t be content with the comfort of ignorance but transform it into diligent pursuit of Reality. (Pursuing Truth is the fifth Wisdom Principle)

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