We Are More Than We Know

We Are More Than We Know June 1, 2016

Has anyone ever told you that you should live up to your potential? I’ve heard that, either directed toward me or in passing when one person is discussing someone else (usually their husband or child).

My first thought is always, “How do you know the ultimate potential of someone else?” My second thought comes something along the line about the person minding their own darn business, but I digress …

30AWe are more than we realize in the sense that we have abilities (not just potentials!) far beyond what we’ve been taught we have at our disposal. For example, it used to be that positive thinking was just some woo-woo idea taught by charlatans trying to get our money; or people who said they were spiritual, but not saying the same thing the churches were.

Today we have scientific evidence through numerous studies and other research that prove our thoughts (positive or negative) impact the outcomes in our lives. Catch yourself this week if or when you say, “I can’t … “ Really? You can’t? Why not? What’s stopping you?

Now don’t go getting all ridiculous on me and say, “Well, I can’t fly, so I guess you have to admit there are things we can’t do!” Well, of course. DUH! Seriously though, if that’s a person’s first reaction then we don’t judge them, we treat them with kindness. They may be looking for reasons to fail, to be a victim, to have people feel sorry for them … or, they could be just trying to be a smartass, in which case an argument is a waste of time.

We stop ourselves or make excuses for our lack of success all the time, but why? Because someone else thinks we can’t and we decided, for whatever reason, to believe them! Why? Because we’ve bought into being too old, or too young, or too fat, or too skinny, or too whatever which, in society’s eyes, says we can’t. That’s our BS and you know what that is:  Our Belief System.

This week decide to get a new BS degree. Get a new belief system that supports you in being magnificent and fulfilling a potential you either know you have, or at least suspect you might possess, that will propel you into a life worth living in ways you’ve not even yet imagined.

P.S.  This week over at the Facebook® page for Spirit, Mind and Body Foundation we’ll be talking more about our potential, how to increase our awareness of our abilities, how to break the barriers that binds us from having an amazing life and much, much more. It’s all part of our 2016 theme, The Global Vision:  A World That Works For Everyone. Come join the conversation!

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


Description:  We are more than we realize in the sense that we have abilities far beyond what we’ve been taught we have at our disposal.

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