I’m Kinda Over Beltane

I’m Kinda Over Beltane April 13, 2017

I don’t feel like celebrating. I don’t feel like dancing the maypole. I don’t feel like wearing a flower wreath in my hair or singing songs of joy and warmth. I don’t feel like enjoying the bees buzzing or the flowers in bloom. This year I’m kinda over Beltane.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but the world sucks right now. We are on the verge of ugly pieces of history repeating itself. (How do we humans keep making the same mistakes over and over again?) While Rome is burning it seems that we Pagans can’t stop the infighting. Not super productive and definitely not the energy that leads me towards merry-making and fa-la-la-ing.

Instead of whining about it or sitting this one out (which is my first reaction when looking down the barrel of this cannon), I’ve decided that I am going to work my own special magical spell this Beltane. Although, I believe that you should not share your magical workings too soon (if ever), it’s Beltane; so in that spirit, I will share some of it.

CC0 Public Domain Pixabay Beltane
CC0 Public Domain Pixabay Beltane

My Beltane Working

This Beltane I’m invoking Freya. I’m calling upon the Goddess of sex and love and fertility (and all things Beltane), but I am calling on Her as warrior. I am calling on the Goddess of battle, the Goddess of justice, the Goddess of speaking truth to power. I am invoking the energy of Freya into every step I take. I don my own battle helm, take up my own shield and sword, and stand at the ready.

I am invoking the Freya who went to live with the Aesir, Her enemy, the ones she had been fighting against for eons, as a peace offering. I am calling on the Goddess that knows that we are in this together. I am calling on Freya as warrior, who has the keen sight, the clarity on who we need to be fighting and who we need to pull in closer as ally.

This is not the Beltane for flower wreaths and kissing under the winding ribbons of the maypole. This is not the Beltane for waking up at dawn and dancing with the sunrise. This is the Beltane to step up, speak up, and band together.

Our Small Numbers

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but we Pagans are a minority. We are a minor religious group across the globe. Our numbers are fractions of the over-culture, so much so, that many mainstream folks doesn’t even know we exist! When we fight amongst ourselves we aren’t doing anyone any favors. Chopping up a tiny piece of the pie leaves even less for us as a community to hold onto. This Beltane we need to look for the reasons to come together, to help and to hold each other up. This Beltane I call on Freya to help support, heal, and mend. To do otherwise is fruitless and a wasteful of our precious little time on this planet.

May you find the passion of the season this Beltane. May you know what is worth fighting for.

Freya Statue

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