Pentacle Of Yourself: Creating Your Own Body Pentacle

Pentacle Of Yourself: Creating Your Own Body Pentacle November 16, 2017

You may have heard of the Iron Pentacle from the Feri and Reclaiming traditions of witchcraft. You may have stumbled upon, or studied, the energy of the Pentacle of Pearl. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Queer Pentacle, the Amethyst Pentacle, the Elemental Pentacle, or the myriad of other “pentacles” that have been created by different magical practitioners. They are all wonderful in their own ways. Any of these pentacles can be a powerful tool, but taking the time to create a system of energy and magic that is just for you can be life changing. Making your own pentacle is a tool that every witch should create for themselves.

Body as Pentacle

The concept of a pentacle is based on our physical bodies. Our head, arms, and legs make up the five points of the pentacle. As we learn about different powers we can run these energies through our bodies, just like you would draw a star on a piece of paper.

The Feri Tradition is credited with creating the Iron Pentacle and the work that flowed forth from that, but working with the body as a pentacle is a concept hundreds of years old; as seen in the famous image of man in pentacle from Henry Cornelius Agrippa, who was a famous occultist. The body as a pentacle or pentagram is nothing new, but how you work with could be.

Body As Pentacle - Wikimedia Commons
Body As Pentacle – Wikimedia Commons

My Body Pentacle

I was once challenged to create a “coat of arms” for myself. To find five concepts that were important to me as a witch and Priestess. It took a really long time for me to narrow down what seemed the most important. I would trade words and concepts in and out, wearing them on my body and seeing how they fit. The five most important things to me as a witch. After some time my coat of arms took shape and was made clear, but it didn’t stop for me there.

I realized that I had these five points of power now (Beauty, Magic, Integrity, Truth, Strength) and what I did with that information going forward was important. The more I worked with these points, they more they flowed through my body. From that realization my personal points of power formed into a pentacle in my body without me even trying to make that happen.

Another discovery with working my personal pentacle was the recognition that the most important points in my witchcraft practice, were also the points that I struggled with the most. When I am out of balance, when I am not myself, when I feel “off”, it’s because one of my personal points is out of balance, out of whack, and not in alignment with my true, core self.

Out of my personal pentacle other pentacles have been born, like the Beauty Pentacle: Beauty, Devotion, Creativity, Desire, Expression. And I imagine this work will continue to grow, evolve, and shift as I do as a witch. I’ve taught several workshops using the Beauty Pentacle. bringing Beauty in my life, our lives in these challenging times is much needed work.

Create Your Own

This practice is something that everyone could do. It’s starts with defining the points of your personal pentacle. What are the five most important pieces of your work in the world? How do those pieces fit in your body. If you were too allow your awareness to flow from one of those points to the next what would that feel like? Does that energy have a color or a flow?

Working with your personal pentacle can be added to your daily practice. Running your energy through your body and taking note of what seems off, what needs attention, what feels good; knowing that this could change day by day. It’s a tool that will evolve as you evolve.


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