You’re Not Cursed

You’re Not Cursed September 9, 2018

I’m not saying that it’s impossible someone has done magick against you. You could be carrying around a terrible ancestral curse. It is fully possible that someone has taken the time to curse you. But it’s highly unlikely. In all more likelihood, you’re not cursed.


I talk to a lot of people who think they have been cursed. When someone has a string of bad luck – car issues, money problems, fighting with a lover, health scares, loss of pet – it is easy to blame that on a curse. Pushing responsibility on an outside force, or someone else, is easy. Why take responsibility for our lives when we can point the finger elsewhere, right?

Not Cursed

There are plenty of reasons for things going wrong. Consider these ideas before blaming a curse:

  • It’s Just Life – No one’s life is perfect. We all go through struggles and hardship. Things go wrong and we have to try and find our way through it. Part of being human is facing challenges.
  • Astrology – Yes, this still gives you an outside force to blame. But astrological movements do place a pressure on our lives. It’s good to have a least a basic understanding of how astrological shifts may make things more complicated.
  • Choice – Everything we experience is based on choices we have made. Period. I get it, this sucks, but it’s true. If your car breaks down it might not be due to neglect on your part, but you did choose that car, you do drive that car, you are ultimately responsible for it. All of our choices – good, bad, and ugly – lead to our circumstances.
  • Lesson – Ugh. Life hands us lessons and if we keep reacting to these lessons the same way, we will keep getting the same lesson. This really does feed back to choices. It can be hard to see the lesson when we are in the moment.
  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy – You may have accepted the idea of being cursed so fully that you brought on the curse yourself. This happens way more frequently than an actual curse being wrought upon you.

If you run into a string of bad luck, get a gut feeling that something is off, or start to question if you have been cursed, the answer is to do a spiritual cleanse.


A spiritual cleanse is never going to hurt you. It’s never a bad idea to clear out your spiritual body. And if you have picked up any negative energy or curses, you will help remedy them with a cleanse.

  • Smudge – Use a smoke made from cleansing herbs.
  • Bath – Make a bath with salt cleansing herbs and soak it in.
  • Noise – Rattle or drum around your body to shake off anything stuck in your spirit body.
  • Help – Get help from a professional spirit worker, witch, or friend.


These are my favorite herbs for cleansing.

  • Sage
  • Cedar
  • Franincense
  • Onion
  • Copal
  • Dragon’s Blood
  • Basil
  • Garlic
  • Rosemary

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