A Ritual for Dancing in the Rain

A Ritual for Dancing in the Rain January 17, 2019

I have a precious memory from my high school days. My little clique and I were off campus getting lunch. I can still see it all so clearly. I was in my favorite bell-bottom jeans with a flannel shirt, and my best friends too-big green Doc Marten boots. All of a sudden it started to rain. Not just a sprinkle or even a steady rain, but full fat droplets, fast, heavy, and strong. Within minutes we were all soaked. Instead of running for cover or grabbing an umbrella, we took off our shoes, held our arms out wide, and danced.

We returned to school soaked to the bone, looking like drowned rats I’m sure, but this one seemingly random event became a ritual that I regularly enacted for years to come.

I wasn’t upset about being wet or cold. I felt alive. The practice of dancing in the rain connected me to something primal, wild, and playful. It felt (and still feels) like a blessing from nature; a kiss from the spirit of rain. What was more fun than just my bare wet feet splashing in the puddles was watching my friends bare wet feet splashing along with me. The ritual of dancing in the rain is made exponentially better when friends are a part of the equation.

Rain Blessings

Being together gave each of us permission to play. Watching beloveds dancing, and splashing, and laughing inspired me to do the same. Even in writing about it I can feel my heart expand with joy, with the freedom that comes from a good dance in the rain.

There will always be things that keep us from dancing in the rain. And dancing in the rain doesn’t need to look like anything in particular. Reaching your hand out of the window and feeling the cool drops hitting your palm, counts as dancing in the rain. The real key to dancing in the rain is to feel the joy of rain. To experience the caress of wild water against your skin is a delicious reminder of the awe inspiring world we live in.

Go! Create your own ritual for dancing in the rain!

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