Cycles of Personal Power

Cycles of Personal Power January 11, 2019

I worked in the corporate world for over a decade. During that time I often wished that I could have menstrual leave. I have very painful menstrual cycles and there were days I was either in so much pain or so drugged up from pain killers I couldn’t function. I fantasized of a time where I could be home, resting and quiet. A time when I could go within and nurse my body. But in the corporate world that wasn’t possible.

In the last decade my work has given me more space for stepping back when needed. This flexibility has provided me even more information about my personal cycles and how they impact my magick. I have a deeper awareness of the cycles of my personal power.

There are times during every month where I just can’t get anything done. It’s always frustrating for me, because I have a very busy life and full schedule. But there are at least three or four days in a month where, no matter how hard I try, I procrastinate, slack, distract, and do virtually anything else than get stuff done.

And the opposite is also true. There is at least a week every month where I am super charged. Where I am extra productive. During these times I check things off my to do list so quickly my pen smokes. I always feel good during these times, effective, productive, strong.

Every month these cycles surprise me. (Honestly, it’s really only been the last year that I’ve fully realized what is happening.) I don’t know if they are hormonal, astrological, or just plain human, but recognizing them has been really powerful for me. Giving myself permission to have down time, to be less productive or effective makes me less anxious about living up to some impossible ideal that I have for myself.

These cycles impact my magick, my spiritual life, and my pursuits. Paying attention to our personal cycles is just as important as paying attention to the cycle of the moon. When we know and understand our personal flow we can align our commitments, priorities, and work with these cycles as much as possible.

For many folks taking days off or slowing down isn’t always a possibility. But at the very least knowing our personal cycles provides information and information is power.

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