Is It Intuition or Fear?

Is It Intuition or Fear? January 17, 2020

You hear Witches and magick workers talk about intuition a lot. That little voice that tells you not to walk that way home or maybe not purchase that thing, or maybe watch out for that person. But what does intuition sound like? I work with a lot of folks totally disconnected to their intuitive abilities. Intuition is like a muscle, the more you use it, the better it works. But when your intuitive muscle is weak, it can be hard to recognize that little voice. How can you tell if it’s intuition or fear?

Intuition is in the present – Fear is in the future

Our intuition focuses on the present moment, on what is happening right now. That voice will engage with the present moment or what you are plotting right now. While fear is a focus on the future. Fear brings all the “what ifs” along with it.

Intuition is patient – Fear is demanding

Your intuitive muscle will be quiet and calm. Intuition is patient, it is willing to wait for you to figure it out. It will try again if you don’t pick up on the message the first time. Fear however, is demanding. It wants you to pay attention now, as if what it has to say is more important than anything else. Fear won’t give you space to explore possibility, it holds you hostage in its clutches.

Intuition brings a sense of calm – Fear brings a sense of urgency

When your intuition is working, the messages that come through feel like an opening revelation; like a breath of fresh air. It is calming. Fear wants your focus NOW. It allows no space for anything else. It is constricting, like cutting off your ability to breathe.

Intuition is creative – Fear is critical

The intuitive muscle opens up your creative centers. It’s a spark that starts something. Intuition makes space for you to do something with it. Fear is critical and shuts down your creativity. It tells you everything that is wrong or broken and allows for no space to course correct, fix, or adjust. Unless course correction looks like quitting.

Intuition is led by your higher self – Fear is led by your ego

Your intuition is a voice of guidance, it works to lift you up and connect you to something greater than yourself. Your fear is reactionary. It blocks that higher power. It’s an alarm system that shuts off your access to your intuition.

Intuition is confident – Fear is insecure

Your intuition whispers. It doesn’t need to make a big fuss because it knows the truth. In fact, it IS the truth. Fear is like an unending pit of narcissism, fueled by insecurity. Fear is lies.

What’s a Witch to do?

Ultimately, you need to get familiar with both the voice of your intuition and the voice of your fear. This takes some practice. You might have to slow down, come to stillness, and listen closely. Ask yourself, “is this my intuition or my fear speaking?” Listen for the response. Gauge how it feels in your body. Your fear means well, it wants to keep you safe, but it will also keep you small. And you are here to shine baby!

When you have a good relationship with both your fear and your intuition, you make space for your intuitive muscle to get bigger and stronger. Which leads to it being easier to hear and understand what it’s trying to tell you.

It takes practice, but it’s well worth it.




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